Enjoy a one-of-a-kind consultation experience with Reiki Energy Healing, original Artwork and intuited Light Notes.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki Energy Healing is the giving of light-filled, Universal life force energy through the hands of an attuned practitioner. Brooke has been attuned as part of the Japanese Usui Reiki lineage by Reiki Master Mackenzie Rae. This energy has an intelligence that works independently of the practitioner who is holding space for the work to take place. The healing received always works for the client's highest good. The experience and skill of the practitioner and the receptivity of the client may impact the overall experience of a Reiki session and how long the effects are felt. The work is given by placing hands on or above the body of the fully-clothed recipient.


the feminine rising


My vision is to see all women thrive, collectively activating healing and abundance from a feminine paradigm that embraces softness and flow as part of life.

As a designer and consultant, I see the world through a unique lens. Color, emotion, and energy flow express as one experience for me. I am perceptive and can see in a big picture way the connecting threads between things. I'm able to pull scattered "puzzle pieces" together and offer my clients a holistic view of their strategic or creative block that eliminates confusion and self-doubt.

Reiki gives me access to those scattered puzzle pieces in a profound way. Through my relationship with this healing modality, I'm able to help my clients integrate insights on an energetic and emotional level. I'm able to provide new information, offer confirmation, and create beauty.


How exactly does the session work?

After opening with a grounding meditation, Brooke tunes into your energetic field. When she feels an energetic consent to proceed with the healing work, she will begin navigating around your body to sense where there is a block. Brooke will apply Reiki to that location in trust that the energy is perfectly manifesting (physically, emotionally, energetically) As information comes through during the session, Brooke will silently ask interactive questions to help uncover where next to apply the Reiki, or to hear what parts of your Self are calling for reconnection and integration. This intuitive, trusting relationship with the modality brings forward information and visual art that benefits the client as much as the experience of the session itself.


Reiki serves in three dimensions.

Restore and support the power you already hold within yourself for self-healing, insights, and transformational growth.


the physical body // EASE TENSION and promote healing

Reiki serves on a physical level by inducing a deep state of meditative relaxation. Many clients drift off to sleep on the table! Many experience a total release of tension from the body. Some report the influx of deeply soothing physical sensations that bathe the body in peace and light. Prior to your session, you may inform Brooke if you have a particular place of tension or discomfort in your body. However, Brooke is not qualified to offer medical or therapeutic advice and does not guarantee the results of your Reiki Integration Session. 


The emotional body // RELEASE TOXICITY and heal wounds

Reiki serves on an emotional level by holding you in a space of pure love and light. Your experience of Reiki will be totally unique from any other person's experience because you bring your own emotions to the table. Reiki serves to release stuck emotions, which frees you to do the work of establishing healthy boundaries and new patterns in your life to support your emotional well-being. Sometimes this release is felt physically or emotionally, and other times the client is unaware of the shift that is occuring. Insights may come to you in the days following your Reiki session that were initiated during your time on the table.


The energetic body // RESTORE BALANCE and clarity

Reiki serves on an energetic level by clearing negative energies and clearing (or beginning to clear) energetic bonds with people, past events, or fears that no longer serve you. Often, clients do not realize how energetically drained they were until emerging from a Reiki Integration Session. Reiki removes the smudges from our lens of the world so we feel clearer, brighter, and better equipped to navigate challenges with love and grace. During your session, each of your chakras are filled with Light to help produce a feeling of inner alignment and innate worthiness.


The Reiki Room at the Jade studio has been designed as a sacred container of serenity that exists outside of time. This special space has been intentionally curated to encourage relaxation, safety, and healing. The most recent addition is a beautiful Seahorse figurine. Seahorse as a spirit guide embodies patience and persistence, helping us navigate challenges by slowing down and taking a broader perspective. Seahorse always brings peace and expresses the Divine Masculine as provider and protector. He seemed like the perfect healing guide to work with us in the Reiki room!


Included in your Reiki Integration Session

Your Reiki Integration Session is lovingly structured to provide a healing experience that feels beautiful and unhurried from beginning to end, including time to debrief from your experience.



You'll be welcomed into the light and airy studio and invited to take a seat. Tall white ceilings and shimmery bronze panelling give a sense of expansiveness and luxury. Brooke will answer any questions you may about the modality and provide an overview of how the experience will unfold. You will be invited to choose from a selection of 3 therapeutic Essential Oils to diffuse during your healing session. If you are uncertain about which you prefer, Brooke will ask your permission to choose an oil on your behalf by using a pendulum to discern your body's "yes" or "no."


Table Time

Brooke will give you a little orientation in the Reiki room and leave you to remove your shoes and lie down, face up. The table is covered in luxe faux-sheepskin with the option of a fluffy blanket for extra coziness. Above, dim fairy lights twinkle as you close your eyes. You'll be offered a comforting eye pillow and then led through a grounding meditation by Brooke to open your healing session.


Relaxation Time

You will be gently awakened from your healing session by a light grasp and tug of your feet. Your Yogi Tea of choice will be placed next to the armchair for your enjoyment in addition to a warm Lavender-Chamomile Neck Wrap to drape around your shoulders. Brooke will give you space to quietly relax and enjoy the beautiful space while she paints an intuited Artwork outside the room for 30 minutes. Bring a book!



Brooke will paint a free-flowing, intuited artwork on canvas as a visual reminder and energetic continuation of your Reiki Integration Session. This canvas will be energetically cleared and also given Reiki as a beautiful, light-filled expression of healing for your home, studio, or office. Your artwork will be packaged for convenient travel in a fully enclosed box.


Light Notes

It's important that you have the space to understand your experience of Reiki on your own terms. Brooke will provide a hand-written brief of Light Notes highlighting the information she intuits is intended for you to receive. This information may be catalyzing, comforting, affirming, or express in other ways. Your Light Notes are ready for pickup 5 business days following your Reiki session.



Brooke will invite you to join her in the hospitality area just outside the room. As you sip your hot tea, Brooke will offer her undivided attention to hearing about your experience, questions, or discoveries. This sharing is heard in full confidence and witnessed with empathic presence.


How will a Reiki Integration Session serve you?


Regaining clarity and making your world feel navigable again.

Gracing your home or office with a Light-filled, one-of-a-kind artwork!

Providing a catalyzing, embodied experience along your multi-faceted healing journey.

Integrating your growth in a life coaching engagement on an energetic level.

Supporting the work your mind, body, and spirit are receiving from other practitioners.

Providing a milestone in your vocational or healing path with intuitive artwork and information.

Removing energetic blocks that keep you from showing up as your FULL self in your work.

Nourishing you on a soul level by allowing full relaxation, surrender, and recharge.

Restoring joy, enthusiasm, and passion for your life and work.

Enhancing your insights in a business coaching engagement and ensuring alignment.


My reiki experience with Brooke was amazing! It was a very comfortable and relaxing environment. I walked away from this experience not only feeling pampered but also recharged and less stressed. This was the perfect opportunity to re-set my body and mind in preparation for finishing school strong! I would highly recommend booking a session with Brooke!
— Emily Humphreys


limited sessions available

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Payment is required at time of booking. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing for your session. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants are preferred but not necessary. Thank you!


Reiki sessions are held at the Jade Consulting studio, located in the historic Carnation Building.

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