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Are you tired of stitching together DIY courses and tools without having a holistic understanding of what will and won’t truly work for you – and why?

How would your level of self-confidence be transformed if you were truly equipped to build your brand?

What would it be like to feel impassioned and empowered on social media, never running out of things to talk about?

How would your business be transformed if you could work only with your Soul Client: the one you are destined to serve?

How would it feel to finally transmute all those frustrations, and limiting beliefs into unstoppable personal power and momentum?

I want to see you make the business and income of your dreams reality.

The fastest way to get there is to focus on fully leveraging a limited number of specific, highly-tailored tools.

As a lifelong student myself, I am an advocate of always learning! But it’s important to develop the discernment of knowing what is actually moving the needle forward. Doing everything is not important or even possible – doing a few things well is critical.

The thing no marketing guru wants to tell you is this: the digital grass is literally always greener.

And because of this, the probability of what works and what doesn’t comes down to a combination of consistency, sweat equity, and just the right amount of strategy.

The digital space is going to be evolving for years to come: algorithms will be renovated, people will get bored, and new platforms will be launched. That’s why it’s important to focus on the relationships you actually own while creating evergreen content that will actually become more valuable over time as you build trust and credibility with your niche.

That’s why building brand is a matter of commitment.

When I initially began doing the work of brand development, I was always searching for each client’s silver bullet. I felt like there was just that one magic, elusive element that, if I could identify for them, would catapult them to success with efficacy and ease. But I began to see an amazing pattern that I never expected – I could take two women through the exact same process, and one would achieve incredible results that blew my expectations totally away, while the other struggled to ever make the investment pay off with the same results as before.

I’ve realized that commitment is what elevates my expertise from an interesting observation to a totally transformative recommendation.

The Radiant Vocation Toolkit is a curated set of tools designed for the woman who is ready to commit to building long-term brand equity.

Brand equity denotes the social and monetary value of your brand itself. It’s a value that others perceive simply because of who you are and what you stand for. Whether or not everyone in your niche hires you or buys from you is not important, because the impact of brand equity has the aggregate effect of boosting your revenue, expanding your connections, and exponentially multiplying your opportunities.

Brand equity is what gets you referrals. It’s what gets you noticed. It’s what causes others to believe in your mission with as much passion as you do. Brand equity is the force that draws others to participate in making your vision reality. It’s what helps you manifest perfectly timed synchronicity.

Brand equity is what elevates your business from a monetization of your skills to a truly sacred container for the work that only you can do.


The Radiant Vocation Toolkit allows you to pay-as-you-go. It's simple: 5 steps, 5 payments in a clear timeline we create together at the outset of our engagement.

Each coaching session includes a robust follow-up, holding you accountable to taking inspired action, along with various worksheets and resources to assist you in implementing these key tools in your brand.


Milestone 1 :

Brand Coaching Sessions

What's holding you back from getting to that next level in your business?

Using proven coaching methodologies, I’ll support you in moving beyond doubt and into your power. I'll guide you in identifying and unpacking those sneaky limiting beliefs around your authority, voice, visibility, deserving, and abundance so that you can discover what is holding you back from building your brand with confidence and excitement.

We’ll also dive into your vision, mission, and story to define a clear brand positioning strategy within your niche.


Milestone 2:

Ideal Client Manifestation

Getting super clear on your soul clients, where they are, and what they want.

Your Ideal Client isn't fiction – she is the exact person you know you are meant to serve.

In these sessions, we’ll analyze which of your past clients have made you feel lit up, confident, excited, and on fire with passion about the work you do. Your soul client is the one who shows up whole-heartedly, prepared for every session, and tells ALL her friends about the amazing breakthroughs she experienced with you.

We'll explore how you contribute to this person's life, and through that, the world – and outline all the ways in which your brand can align with her dreams, goals, values, and desires.


Milestone 3:

Archetypal Alignment

Aligning to a universal archetypal narrative is the best-kept secret to cultivating serious brand equity.

You’ll get access to my exclusive Archetypal Alchemy Tool, a signature assessment tool that will flawlessly match you to the brand archetype with which you already align on a soul level.

We’ll unpack how fully leverage this strategic brand archetype to support your brand's positioning and build a connection with your audience.

This will completely transform the way you view your brand, grow your business, speak to your audience, and express your work to the world.


Milestone 4:

Logo Design in collaboration with Hannah Garretson of Give Ten Co.

The ultimate expression of your Brand Soul: the distillation of all this juicy meaning into one mark – your logo.

Your logo is a polished, professional mark that distills all your intentions to one sacred symbol. And because two minds are always better than one, logo design by Jade may be executed in partnership with the immensely talented Hannah Garretson of Give Ten Co. You can view Hannah's portfolio and bio here, and view my brand design Anthology here. Your logo design is expertly rendered and presented to you with distinct rationale, then collaboratively revised until you feel in complete alignment with the work.


Milestone 5:

Brand Photography in collaboration with Elyssa Zornes of Elsa Co Photo

Step FULLY into your new brand identity with a professional collection of beautifully curated photography.

Your Toolkit includes a fantastic creative portraiture session by Elyssa Zornes of Elsa Co Photo. Elyssa loves to extend the creative power from behind the lens to you, co-creating a unique story for your brand that truly captures the essence of your vocation and heart for your work. I'll be on site as creative director as we capture branded portraits, intimate detail shots, and the sacred space where your work takes place! You can view Elyssa's professional portraiture work here, and check out a sampling of our collaborations in my brand design Anthology here.

*If you aren’t local to Whatcom County, we can talk about trading this milestone for another brand-building element.

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Questions? I'm glad you asked!


Why should I hire an expert when my brand looks pretty good the way it is?

If you've been rocking it with a successful DIY brand identity, CELEBRATE your savvy! DIY brand identity serves many businesses fabulously for an interim period of self-discovery, growth, and experimentation. I like to compare this time of self-discovery to the process of testing different clothes and hairstyles in your early 20s, before investing in a wardrobe that truly reflects the identity you want to show the world. Just like when you finally donated the trends that you'd outgrown, it's important to have the self-awareness to realize when you've grown beyond your DIY brand identity. Who does your Ideal Client need you to be for them NOW, as your vocation matures, in this iteration of your work? Throughout your experience with Jade, you'll gain key insights and tools on how to reach and connect with those you most deeply desire to serve. 


Five tools doesn't sound like very many. How do I know this will truly equip me with what I need?

Which sounds more feasible – learning 12 new delicious recipes at the same time, or becoming known for 1 classic dish? Chances are, you'll have more success bringing one or two fabulous things to the gathering than trying to wing 12 new recipes. In the same way, leveraging one set of tightly-crafted, highly-customized brand-building tools is a far more effective growth strategy than trying to integrate a dozen tools at the same time. Brands are built slowly, over time, with great intention! The best way to begin that process is to be extremely focused with where you place your energy, learning to use each tool to its full capacity. Perhaps, that means focusing on just one social media platform first while honing your brand voice for a small but highly-engaged community. Or it may mean creating one beautifully-designed freebie using your Style Guide, rather than beginning with a lengthy e-book that requires more technical and design finesse. The tools you receive in this toolkit will give you the foundations you need to being building your brand from where you are right now. You will also gain an understanding of key brand strategy principles applicable to all expressions of your online presence. As time goes on, you'll easily add more and more delicious recipes to your repertoire. 


My brand is doing okay now. This would be nice, obviously, but I'm just not convinced this work is necessary.

If this work feels secondary to establishing a solid footing for the back-end of your business, I certainly support you in tending to those needs first! However, I'll also offer the Jade perspective – I believe that we all have the potential to manifest abundance, fulfillment, and success beyond our wildest dreams. I prefer to evaluate the ROI of this work from the perspective of potentiality rather than necessity. The Radiant Vocation Toolkit is intended to equip you to nurture your vocation into fullness. These tools will open new doors for you that you may not be able to see from your current vantage point! If this concept of potentiality feels difficult to grasp, please consider first journeying through my signature 6 month coaching program, the Deep Discovery Brand Coaching experience. This journey is designed to guide you in building a deeply aligned brand by moving first through the inner work of defining your vocation and visualizing an ABUNDANT, deeply fulfilling business.


What if the investment doesn't pay off? I've paid for things like this before without fully utilizing them.

The degree to which your investment in the Radiant Vocation Toolkit pays off depends on two things: how well your offering is crafted and positioned, and your commitment to using these recommended tools. If you are looking for guidance in improving your business model to facilitate more cash flow, please first book my Clarity Coaching Call to get clear on the delivery method and price point for your offering. Additionally, because brands are built over time, it will be absolutely critical to focus your messaging and design in this ONE recommended direction! If you consistently leverage these tools and are fully committed to your vocational path, your investment will absolutely pay off over time.