My 4-month coaching container is a life-changing alchemy of brand development, business coaching, Wealth consciousness, and Universal Law.

You know you have an incredible gift the world is meant to experience.

You know you are called to this work, and no other work, and it’s been one helluva windy journey to arrive to where you are today. There is a fire burning inside of your heart, your throat chakra is ready to explode in total radiance and Truth, and you are READY to make this happen.

You know that your work could change the lives of hundreds, thousands, millions of people.

You know you have a story and a message that could radically transform your industry, the future of your craft, and the lives of those who don’t even know you exist yet.

But somehow, time after time, the “not enough” takes hold.

Maybe it’s a series of excuses that keep you feeling safe. Maybe it’s a fear of your own power, or a fear of success, or a fear of failure.

Maybe it’s the whispered messages of your doubters, the well-intentioned people who tell you to be more realistic, activating your self-doubt and fanning the flames of your deepest, darkest fears that they’re right.

Not enough time, not enough strategy, not enough energy, not enough inspiration, not enough know-how, not enough of a “following,” not enough money, not enough demand…

And just like that, with the broken record of not enough, your goals have been pushed to next week, powerful opportunities slip away, networking events get accidentally double-booked, those self-help books become overdue from the library, you get distracted with another project, and you’ve put it all on hold with excuses like, “It’s just not the right time, it’s not meant to be, if it was meant to be it WOULD have worked out, I just have too much going on right now, I don’t have the right support, the online space is just too noisy…”

You will receive what you are available for. This is Law.

This is how the Universe partners with you to co-create the life you want: mathematical probabilities arising from past moments of your life, intersecting with your free-will in the present moment. This is the rich, rich soil where we get to manifest incredible shifts in your life!

My role is to help you imagine, expand, and define what you ARE available for while consciously cultivating a state of being grounded in pleasure, Sufficiency, openness, and RADICAL self-trust.

I’m here to point out the incredible mathematical miracles that unfolded for your highest good to position you in THIS exact moment, where you are sitting RIGHT now, reading these words.

The Universe is an orderly creation that flows according to predictable, mathematically describable laws. We understand the Law of Gravity. We trust the incredible suspension of our little blue marble at just the right distance from the moon, the right distance from the sun, the perfect tilt of our axis, the perfect balance of atmospheric gasses to sustain our lives…

We are embodied miracles abiding on a planet that is a mathematical miracle.

Just as this miraculous planet behaves according to understandable law, so too does the ethereal plane. All planes of consciousness operate according to predictable laws. These are called the Universal Laws, and we come to see their truth through doing the inner work of transforming our state of consciousness into one that reflects our divine nature as whole and perfect beings. The ancient Hermetic philosophers, with whom Moses of the Bible is rumored to have studied, called this process “using the Higher Law against the Lower Law.” Said another way, this is you activating the Law of Pure Potentiality to transmute your material circumstances. This is where philosophy comes into harmony with spirituality.

This mystic intersection of brand development and consciousness is where I am called to make my home. I am here to make these ethereal concepts practical.

I am here to guide and support you in integrating these Universal Laws, these new ways of being, into your daily life so that you can begin to live in a flow of rhythmic manifestation with the bliss of knowing that you are totally, perfectly, provided for beyond comprehension.

While we’re upleveling your brand and making massive paradigm shifts on a consciousness level, we’ll also make some serious magic in your business.

I practice blue ocean strategy: a unique perspective that focuses on creating entirely new markets through value innovation. At the heart of value innovation is the intention to increase the value and potency of the services your clients receive while simultaneously multiplying your time and energy in the process of providing that service. We will identify where in your business or line of work you feel stuck and why, explore options for implementing support structures & systemization, define what new opportunities you want to see come your way, and declare how much money you want to make. With blue ocean strategy, it is actually authentically true that there is more than enough for everyone to live and work in abundance. There are, truly, unlimited opportunities because they haven’t all been thought of yet.

Because of the magnitude of the transformation that occurs within our four months together, I only attract serious women to this coaching container.

Holding space for deep shadow work is an integral aspect of my calling. To hold space for this shadow work is to hold space for grief, angst, and shame to be transmuted into pure healing and light. Within these dark, low-vibrational emotions is the lumen naturae, latin for the light intrinsic to the darkness. Just as there was the potentiality for life in earth’s primordial existence, there is an innate luminosity to your suffering, struggles, disappointments, and fumbles: an innate hope to all of the darkest moments of your personal journey.

As your coach, I promise to be the mirror that shows you the indomitable power of your inner light while giving you space to integrate these changes at your own pace.

And as your coach, I will challenge you to take radical self-responsibility for this integration work.

This means radical acts of self-love – blocking ENTIRE days for only you, connecting with community, and prioritizing your wellness and preventative care.

This means radical acts of self-pleasure – luxuriating at the spa, investing in the vibrator, booking the romantic trip with your lover.

This means radical acts of self-honesty – hiring a financial planner, reckoning with your money trauma, hiring support, acknowledging what is systemically not working in your life and reevaluating your commitment to it.

Most of all, this means self-trust: keeping your promises to yourself, and setting only sustainable promises.

As your coach, I will challenge your preconceived definition of success and what you think it takes to get there.

Is hustle truly required to create massive wealth?

Does it actually have to be hard to find your dream clients?

Do you really have to spend thousands on advertising dollars?

Is being tired really inevitable?

Do you really have to “do your time” before you can have success?

Are the odds really “that steep” for your business?

If we are intelligent beings living in a Universe so perfectly created that it is nearly mathematically indescribable and beyond human comprehension, is it truly reasonable to think that the outdated masculine paradigms we’ve been conditioned to accept are absolute truths?

I coach women who are DONE living in the paradigm of Scarcity and are ready to live in a paradigm that only serves their highest good. I coach women who are READY to turn on their divine feminine fire ALL the way on.

I promise to be your witness and your mirror as you step into your wholly into your calling.

If you are READY to thrive, if you are READY to awaken to your own power, if you are READY to make your envisioned reality your material one, if you are READY to revel in your own pleasure and beauty and innate perfection, if you are READY to let go and READY to step in, I invite you to check in with yourself right now.

Is it time to take action? My favorite tool for confirming a decision is what I call the Body Test.

It is, literally, the way I obtain a full-body YES or a full-body NO. When I make decisions purely from the cognitive, all the interference of the day creeps into my mind – hunger, unresolved issues, distractions, etcetera… My decision is impacted by my mood and the state of mind I’m in that day. But if I get still and do the Body Test, I can connect immediately to the wisdom of my consciousness coming through my intuition. My intuition uses my nervous system as an autonomic channel for communication to give me a full-body YES or a full-body NO.

Here is how to calibrate your own Body Test.

Stand with your feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart and arms loose at your side. Take several deep deep belly breaths in and out, with relaxed and upright posture.

Now, think of a person you deeply and passionately love, and say, “I love _____.” The direction you lean is your YES.

Now, we repeat for the no. Think of a statement you know to be obviously false for you – “I am 5 years old.” The direction you lean is your NO.

Now, stand up. Yes, right here!! I invite you to try the Body Test to see if I might be the coach for you.

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, receiving a full body YES at this moment can be terrifying. Fear of vulnerability might come up, questions about if you can actually commit to this, fear of investing in yourself, fear of investing and THEN failing { yes, I have experienced all of these before personally when I’ve stood at the edge of investment. }

The one thing I know is that coaching is most effective when YOU are ready for it. This is why I allow clients to come TO ME when they are authentically attracted to this work and know that I am THE coach for them.

Regardless of whether we ever meet again, I hope this sales page has called you UP to your own highest level, that you are beginning awaken to your pure power and potential, and that you feel deeply appreciative of your marvelous and womanly existence on this planet.

Namaste, Soul One.



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The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking example of a bipolar planetary nebula. Bipolar planetary nebulae are formed when the central object is not a single star, but a binary system, Studies have shown that the nebula’s size increases with time, and measurements of this rate of increase suggest that the stellar outburst that formed the lobes occurred just 1200 years ago.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA
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