My clients absolutely ADORE the mystic intersection of brand development and higher consciousness that I open up for them.


Womxn attract me into their lives when they are READY to step FULLY into the work they feel called to do and need the unconditional support of an advanced coach. 

My clients are changemakers, lightworkers, and artists: intelligent, innovative, intuitive, artistic, and capable womxn who desire to alchemize their healed trauma, their truth, and their gifts into one holistic container – that container is also known as your brand.

At Jade Consulting, brand isn’t just about how you look online: brand is defined as the outer reflection of the inner work you do as you walk your vocational path. 


∆ Diving deep into the mechanics of Universal Law and the noetic sciences (and the ancient Hermetic philosophy from which it arises) to avoid the New Age pitfalls of magical thinking while still leading a deeply connected, beautiful life

∆ Uncovering your money story and its origins, forgiving those who taught you wrongly, forgiving yourself for past money mistakes, discovering your Money Archetypes and balancing them in practical, mindful ways

∆ Cultivating a reciprocal, collaborative, open relationship with your audience so that you are creating offers that match EXACTLY what your people are ready now to invest in

∆ Working through fears of vulnerability, visibility, and voice TOGETHER so you feel empowered and equipped as a brand ambassador

∆ Discovering the archetypal brand identity you are *already* cosmically aligned to, and training you in how to weave those narrative patterns into your brand to build long-term brand equity

∆ Identifying, unpacking, and transforming scarcity-driven thought patterns into a paradigm of sufficiency to make manifestation EASEFUL, organic, and constant

∆ Applying Blue Ocean strategy to your offers to discover how you can create value innovation: adding value for your customers while increasing your profits and *not* your prices all at the same time (increasing sales and long-term growth)

∆ Balancing your intuitive feminine with your strategic masculine: being both decisive and surrendered, feeling fully while also thinking critically


My approach is informed by a passion for social justice and mental health advocacy.

As a queer woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a number of other fascinating mental health complexities, I hold a deeply unique and safe space for neurodivergent womxn who feel disenfranchised and annoyed by oversimplified messages in the coaching industry. 

In my coaching containers, we talk about the tough stuff AND the delicious stuff. Our conversation may move into the subtlety and trauma of spiritual gaslighting, or unpack how the white privilege or middle class privilege you’ve benefited from has framed your view of the world. We might talk intersectional & trans-inclusionary feminism, capitalism and the ethics of money, and systemic socio-economic injustice. We’ll talk about the stigma of mental health and how to take care of YOU. 

We’ll also talk about crafting a spiritual self-pleasure practice and reclaiming orgasm as a tool for receiving divine downloads from your Higher Self, so that you FEEL wildly in love with your life even while you make the shifts to transform your reality into the one you desire.

If you are ready to deepen and mature in your calling :

And you are ready to invest in the unconditional support of an advanced coach –

I would be delighted to offer you a complimentary coaching call and discover if we are a soul match for working together.

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Let’s discover if we’re a soul match!

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Is it time to take action? My favorite tool for confirming a decision is what I call the Body Test.

I want to presence this tool here because coaching is ONLY effective when YOU decide you are available for it. This is why I allow clients to come TO ME when they are authentically attracted to this work and know that I am their soul-match coach.

This test is, literally, the way I obtain a full-body YES or a full-body NO and I use it DAILY, multiple times a day. When I make decisions purely from the cognitive, all the interference of the day creeps into my mind – hunger, unresolved issues, distractions, etcetera… My decision is impacted by my mood and the state of mind I’m in that day.

When I get quiet and do the Body Test, I can connect immediately to the wisdom of my consciousness coming through via my intuition. My intuition uses my nervous system as an autonomic channel for communication to give me a full-body YES or a full-body NO.

Here is how to calibrate your own Body Test:

Stand with your feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart and arms loose at your side. Take several deep deep belly breaths in and out, with relaxed and upright posture.

Now, think of a person you deeply and passionately love, and say, “I love _____.” The direction you lean is your YES.

Now, we repeat for the no. Think of a statement you know to be obviously false for you – “I am 5 years old.” The direction you lean is your NO.

Now, stand up. Yes, right here!! I invite you to try the Body Test to see if I might be the coach for you.

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, receiving a full body YES at this moment can be terrifying! I have stood at the edge of investing in myself many times, and if you need more tools to find your authentic yes or no to this opportunity, my offer of a complimentary call is totally open to you!


Regardless of whether we ever meet again, I hope this page has called you UP to your own highest level, that you are beginning awaken to your pure power and potential, and that you feel deeply appreciative of your marvelous and womanly existence on this planet.

Namaste, Soul One.



BANNER Image Credit

The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking example of a bipolar planetary nebula. Bipolar planetary nebulae are formed when the central object is not a single star, but a binary system, Studies have shown that the nebula’s size increases with time, and measurements of this rate of increase suggest that the stellar outburst that formed the lobes occurred just 1200 years ago.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA
Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt