Logo design without brand coaching is like buying a Tiffany diamond without setting it. 

Yes – your logo should be beautiful in its own right. Your logo should "own the room" it walks into. It should be emotive, balanced, and one-of-a-kind. You should feel mesmerizingly in love when you gaze at it. Your logo should turn you ON emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

But brand strategy leaves no room for "art for the sake of art." Your logo must be specific, technically excellent, and fundamentally memorable in order to properly support your brand.

The process of developing brand is about the death of ego – again, and again, and again.

Working with Jade is about going deeper than ego to find the diamond of your identity. You'll be asked to leave behind your ego, and I'll leave behind mine, as we discover where you and your Ideal Client share resonance. Throughout our brand coaching process, we'll bring the diamond of your identity forward into the light with care and gentleness.

The Jade design process is about polishing the art that is already within you.  

Working with Jade, you won't get decision fatigue from dozens of proofs that look nothing like what you thought was clearly discussed with your designer. Instead, you'll be presented with clearly applied rationale rendered as solid design concepts that all align to your intentions.

It's simply a matter of choosing which cut will make your diamond sparkle in that uniquely you way.

And let's be real – who doesn't love diamond shopping? Because we've done the foundational work of exploring your brand Vision, Story, Audience, and archetype, the evident choice will unfold with ease, flow, and certainty. You will KNOW it when you see it. And because we're diamond shopping, we don't stop until we get it right. No amount of revision or finesse is spared in achieving sparkly perfection.

Then, we'll need to hand-craft the perfect setting for that diamond of your identity.

Your logo will be framed by a beautifully cohesive collection of design standards and a suite of identity pieces. Your signature sparkle, your uniquely radiant brand of Light, will filter through every element your brand touches. In the universe of your brand, all of these elements are like planets and stars that orbit around your logo. All the expressions of your brand identity are suspended in perfect place by just the right amount of celestial tension. Each expression has a specific purpose and function in complementing the logo and feels deeply integrated into the whole.


Discover your brand soul, and manifest the diamond of your identity.


Investment  $11,720

50/35/15 Standard Payment Schedule   |  9 Month Completion Schedule

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The Polished Diamond brand journey

Your formal Proposal will include a fully detailed scope of work.



Visioning Sessions

You'll experience my signature Jade Method that flows in a guided exploration over six months through your Vision, Story, Audience, Archetype, and Growth. The conversation is gently guided through mirroring & facilitation in order to uncover the essence of your offering, the heart of your work, and who you desire to serve. We'll move through blocks and challenges as they arise for you in this process of self-discovery. In this space, both the intuitive feminine and the strategic masculine are honored as we dive deep into the limitlessness and potentiality, emerging with the fluid container that will become your brand. Unlimited support and feedback via phone and email is included between sessions.

Collaborative Creating

The intuitive exploration of ideas is composed by Jade into a robust brand positioning document. Together, we collaboratively revisit your Vision Manifest in two following 60-minute brand coaching sessions. We ensure the spirit and language of the document is in full alignment, uncovering deeper layers of meaning and symbolism that will serve as a rock-solid foundation for your visual identity. This equity work ensures that your finished identity holds a significance and truth that runs deeper than industry trends or today's design fads. 


You will receive a bundle of resources designed to equip you to integrate this new positioning into all aspects of your identity, online presence, and brand voice in a DIY friendly way. These tools are critical to ensure your Logo Design and Identity System are memorable and resonant with your audience.



Inspiration Session 

In this 90-minute session, we'll dive into the delicious metaphors uncovered during our work in the The Jade Method. In this candid and high-energy meeting, we'll map the connections between concepts and explore how these ideas can be effectively abstracted into a compelling design concept. This incredible session sets the tone for your logo design to unfold in its fullness and beauty.

Collaborative Creating

This juicy co-creation process unfolds in three exploratory phases. First, you will be presented with an Initial Concept Design inspired by our Inspiration Session. Your feedback will be alchemized within a strategic visual communications paradigm and a Second Revision presented to you. Because we have done the foundational work of aligning your brand to your Ideal Client and to your biggest visions, the logo design process unfolds beautifully and with SO much ease. We give the creative process space to unfold as additional iterations lead to the finesse of final details and flawless visual harmony. Because Jade is completely dedicated to creating the best work possible, there is no limit to how many revisions or iterations we generate in this process. Every creative twist and turned is honored as a milestone in the process of manifesting exactly what YOU need to feel complete.


You will receive your logo design in a variety of file formats, sizes, and resolutions via a secure digital link. A backup of all your logo design files is securely stored by Jade Consulting Co LLC for two years following our engagement.



Tangible Session

In this 90-minute session, we'll map all places your brand is currently present or should be present. We'll note platforms you plan to leverage in the future and make lists of the practical functions each element should function within. These designed pieces create a powerful ecosystem of meaning around the nucleus of your brand identity, increasing brand recognition and reinforcing the symbolism of your logo in subtle and powerful ways.

Collaborative Creating

Design proceeds in two phases: Print pieces, and then Digital pieces. Print pieces include three proofs, and Digital pieces include two proofs. Proofs are presented in batches of items so that you can clearly see how pieces within a suite support one another to create the overall image. Because of our strong foundation working together, pieces are usually approved in fewer proofs.


Your Brand Design package includes all of the Identity System elements you need to smoothly and quickly upgrade your presence or relaunch your brand. These pieces are listed in full in your formal Proposal, but include business card design, email signature, editable graphic design templates, and more. Stock samples with unique features and finishes are available to browse, touch and feel. Initial print runs facilitated by Jade to ensure the final product matches your expectations. You will be invoiced separately for the material cost of all print products. Additional pieces may be added and are billed at $185/each with two revisions included. As your branding partner, Jade Consulting can also collaborate directly with your web developer under your design direction for reduced frustration and time ensuring a smooth and sexy look for your site.


Sister, it's time to co-create a brand identity that fully expresses your brand soul.


Investment $11,720

50/35/15 Standard Payment Schedule   |   9 Month Completion Schedule

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Questions? I'm glad you asked.


Why do you pair brand coaching with design? Can't I just hire out my design after going through the brand coaching?

Design and brand are inseparable concepts. How you visually communicate your identity needs to be congruent with your deepest truth – we access that truth through brand coaching. Having a logo design that expresses your deepest truth completely transforms your relationship to your brand and your audience's relationship to your brand. The global shifts happening right now are calling forward the feminine divine: the world needs us to embody the most powerful, aligned version of ourselves now. Your intentionally created aesthetic – charged with YOUR unique kind of Light, brought forth by YOUR intuition, and shaped with the strategic expertise offered by Jade Consulting – is another vehicle for you to manifest the abundance, clientele, and legacy you so deeply desire and deserve. This investment will make your brand an even more well-known, well-loved anchor of stability and inspiration for the audience you serve so wholeheartedly.


What if I'm not happy with the design? I can't be stuck with something I don't vibe with.

Because of my signature brand positioning process and the deeply collaborative coaching process I employ, most logo designs I complete reach their final evolution within the first several presentations – that's incredible for this industry. By the time you and I advance to the logo design stage of the engagement, we have achieved incredible clarity on who you are, what you desire, who you are serving, and where you are going. You'll enjoy deep insights that often include discovering why you have a particular affinity or dislike for a color or typeface style. If you and I align in your complimentary Discovery Session, we will be able to co-create work that you'll be totally head-over-heels in love with for years to come.


What if I want to change direction in 6 months or a year? Flexibility is one of the biggest reasons that I haven't invested in professional brand design yet.

I understand that as your soulful business evolves, so will your design needs. Our creative capacity for innovation is what makes us unstoppable entrepreneurs and is the perfect example of our creative feminine on FIRE. The longevity of the design is why the rigorous work of brand positioning so important. The signature Jade brand coaching process ensures we build your aesthetic on your Truth – not industry fads or design trends. Your logo will act as the center point around which all other content orbits. If you choose to evolve in a year or two, your logo can easily come with you while other planets circle into the solar system we originally designed.


I'm hesitant to give away my creative agency on future projects. Do we work together every time I want to launch something new? Where do I go from here?

Brand design with Jade is an investment in the future of your brand. This work is designed to INCREASE your capacity for innovation and creativity, not to limit you in any way. I will never obstruct your creative freedom. My objective in offering brand coaching is to teach you how to leverage this work on your own, for years to come, equipping you to build brand in a fluid and authentic way in any context. This is equity work, meaning it's designed to give you the tools you need to create anything you want down the road – although you can certainly reach out to me for future consult or design. I do use Adobe typefaces for my brand design projects, and those font files will need to be independently purchased by you directly from the type foundry due to licensing and copyright restrictions that are beyond my control.


I'm a very visual person. Do I have to take your word for it as things progress, or will I be able to see multiple iterations of the logo?

I welcome your collaboration from the very beginning of the coaching and creative process. We'll set clear objectives for our engagement to complement the standard flow of the Jade process. We'll pin to a shared Inspiration Board on Pinterest, and I'll encourage you to share any art (whether created by you or others) that you feel strongly drawn to. In our Logo Design Kick-Off session, we'll analyze what design principles may be calling to you from those pieces. From there, I will present three logo versions to you in the Initial Concept Design step of the Logo Design project. After your open response to those three ideas, I'll combine and modify the versions for the Second Revision, at which time one logo will be presented. I find that for the sake of clarity, it is more effective to fully analyze one logo iteration in these subsequent revisions at a time than to play with too many variables at once. 


How can I be sure I'm getting something worth this level of investment?

Brand design by Jade is priced at a point that gives me the space to dedicate an abundance of my energy and creative bandwidth to your inspired vision. Coupled with brand coaching, the design that results from our engagement is deeply impactful and amazingly resonant. I have developed my creative process with the intention to put YOUR intuition in the director's chair. That creative process includes ample white space and a firm dedication to my daily practice and creative boundaries. My studio is designed to support this creative process by offering a variety of rooms that each act as a sacred container for a different part of my design process. These include a multi-media room, an energy healing room, a dry media room, a tech room, and a light-filled relaxation & hospitality space.

Working with Jade is a premium experience in collaboration. It's juicy, divine, and it's all about alchemizing potentiality into reality within an empowered, abundance-based mindset.