Clients consistently come to me telling me they don’t know how to market their business. They want the how-to’s – how to get subscribers, how to grow a list, how to “do” instagram, how to increase sales – but the truth is that the how comes after the who.

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Your brand is not a flat, two-dimensional idea, like a collage of magazine cut-outs from your favorite magazines.

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Your brand is a living, breathing container, the cocoon where you cherish your deepest beliefs, and the safe space.

If your brand is badly defined, you won’t polarize your audience { ie, repel those who are offended by your beliefs }

If you haven’t polarized your audience, you won’t feel safe showing up. You don’t feel safe with the people you are speaking to. You start to get quiet.

And your audience will always show up in a way that mirrors the way you show up – just like in real life. Badly defined boundaries encourage weird comments. Noncommittal language in your posts attract vanilla people. Recycled quotes and spiritual messages illicit emoji responses instead of actual engagement.

At this point, your algorithm is in full hibernation mode, and you are getting NO traffic. { Spoiler alert: the algorithm mirrors YOUR behavior directly as well }

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It’s up to you to take FULL responsibility for holding the container for people to show up and engage with you: this is why a brand is important.

Your brand is the holistic container that encompasses all of your gifts.

Your brand is the “up-level,” the space where you show up as your BEST you.

Your brand is your opportunity for leadership, for saying what you mean in clear language.

Your brand is where all of your offers become knit together into one ecosystem of easeful monetization.

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As we become more and more globally interconnected, authentic brands are evolving into very real gathering places for people with shared values to come together, create, and invest in creating the world they want to see by sharing their unique talents and skills.

Your brand isn’t frivolous, unimportant, or low priority – it is an opportunity for you to take an active role in creating the world you want to see.


I inspire and guide women in specific areas of specialty that directly relate to this inner & outer brand-building work.

∆ Diving deep into the mechanics of Universal Law and the noetic sciences (and the ancient Hermetic philosophy from which it arises) to avoid the New Age pitfalls of magical thinking while still leading a deeply connected, beautiful life

∆ Uncovering your money story and its origins, forgiving those who taught you wrongly, forgiving yourself for past money mistakes, discovering your Money Archetypes and balancing them in practical, mindful ways

∆ Cultivating a reciprocal, collaborative, open relationship with your audience so that you are creating offers that match EXACTLY what your people are ready now to invest in

∆ Working through fears of vulnerability, visibility, and voice TOGETHER so you feel empowered and equipped as a brand ambassador

∆ Discovering the archetypal brand identity you are *already* cosmically aligned to, and training you in how to weave those narrative patterns into your brand to build long-term brand equity

∆ Identifying, unpacking, and transforming scarcity-driven thought patterns into a paradigm of sufficiency to make manifestation EASEFUL, organic, and constant

∆ Applying Blue Ocean strategy to your offers to discover how you can create value innovation: adding value for your customers while increasing your profits and *not* your prices all at the same time (increasing sales and long-term growth)

∆ Balancing your intuitive feminine with your strategic masculine: being both decisive and surrendered, feeling fully while also thinking critically