In a technological age that has vastly oversimplified the meaning of the word, brand has become synonymous with the way you look online.

In this paradigm, it’s easy to toss a brand together – all you need is a Weebly website and a freelancer from Fivrr. Right? This paradigm is blind to the potential a fully-developed brand can hold, trading short-term expediency for long-term significance.

As we become more and more globally interconnected, authentic brands are evolving into very real gathering places for people with shared values to come together, create, and invest in creating the world they want to see by sharing their unique talents and skills.

Sometimes these gathering places are literal meetups of like-minded people, and sometimes they are purely digital – but the successful brands boast a solid ideological foundation built on actual truth.

Women come to me when they’re ready to dive deep into the work of identity, alchemize what’s holding them back, and step into a brand that fully reflects the level of authority, service, and dedication they bring to their work.

Yes, in many ways your brand is an extension of your identity, intimately connected to the truth of who you are. But to protect you from an identity crisis and a chronic vulnerability hangover, my role is to guide you to crafting a brand that offers the space and flexibility for your long term vision to come to fruition while you personally evolve and grow as a human being.

In this way, the work of identity touches on both the linear and the non-linear: both our actual experiences of life and our actual qualifications, and the meaning we make of those experiences and qualifications.

This holistic understanding allows us to integrate the non-linear and linear into one brand narrative that aligns you with incredible opportunities.

Building a brand requires you to commit to the inner work of identity and the outer work of communication.


Any of these sound familiar?


Negative self-concepts AND SELF TALK

Limiting beliefs

fear or shame around money

avoiding money by trading services




These are all symptoms of unexamined, subconscious habits that dictate our lives in all kinds of seen and unseen ways.

Often, these unexamined habits are what holds us back in building the businesses of our dreams and manifesting a brand that magnetizes our Soul Clients. These are worn-out stories, old fears that have never been fully addressed – and sometimes, coming at this heavy work alone is severely overwhelming.

Building a brand DIY can feel like a never ending game of whac-a-mole – you get one limiting belief sorted, only to uncover another one. You deal with today’s crisis or rush off to speak at that conference, only to realize you also should’ve thought about X in advance of the presentation. You put off that next big idea by obtaining just one more training – all well trying to step out, rise above, and say yes to new opportunities that challenge you on a spiritual and emotional level.

Helping women transcend the game of whac-a-mole in the midst of a mid-career transition has become my passion and my calling.

My role as your creative director is to support and equip you through a blend of brand consultancy and personal coaching.

My objective is to guide you coming into complete alignment with your deepest values, to look those fears and upper limits dead in the eye, and ultimately move you one step closer on your journey to fulfill your soul’s calling.

Through a holistic approach and a well-defined framework, I’ve equipped dozens of high power women with the knowledge and tools they need to do their best, most influential work while stepping into their full power and creative freedom.

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