My life’s work is to inspire womxn to be all they imagine being.

My mission is to expand the study of consciousness, our understanding of what it means to be human, and empower neurodivergent womxn to stand tall in who they are.

My method is to elevate the work of brand development to a sacred, social responsibility that makes the world a better place.

Image by Elyssa Cartier of  Elsa Co Photo

Image by Elyssa Cartier of Elsa Co Photo

Jade Consulting is a vehicle for my life’s work that I am blessed to say has given me more joy, growth, and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined.

After an adolescence defined by turmoil, creative & spiritual oppression, and psychological abuse, I felt instinctually driven to find the work that could offer me a vehicle to affect exponential change in the world. Specifically, I wanted to do work that empowered women to make their maximum impact.

I took time to dive deep into the study of metaphysics and philosophy. I took time to work with my hands, to make things from scratch, to express myself through every artistic medium and develop my artistic voice. I discovered I had a profound talent for abstracting ethereal concepts into concrete representation in a way that resonated with and influenced others.

Once I discovered graphic design, my explorations began to crystallize into a career direction. I chose a local technical college with a coveted graphic design program and proudly obtained my Associate of Arts in Visual Communication with honors.

Soon, a turning point came in my freelance work. I realized I was working with one type of client exclusively – women employed in fields of healing, helping, nurturing, and empowering. My intuitive way of working resonated with this group, and I was smitten with their heart-centered approach to business and life.

Shortly after, I professionally branded as Jade Consulting. Jade as a crystal has been respected throughout millennia for its ability to attract abundance, clarity, and healing into the lives of those who cherish its energy. It also represents the alchemical partnership of the masculine and the feminine energies into harmony: the intuitive and the strategic, our hearts and our minds.

I am forever grateful and privileged that this niche chose me. It is through the healing modalities of my clients themselves, through their open minds and open hearts and open arms, that I have found my greatest personal healing and breakthroughs.

The love-driven, grace-filled service of these women is single-handedly responsible for elevating me to the best Brooke I can be. I continue this inner work on a daily basis. I have realized that every moment, every choice, can be reduced to the simple decision to serve Love or succumb to Fear. To release the grip of the false self and her ego-driven whispers from my dreams is to choose the healing power of Love.

My personal education has continued with obtaining my coaching certification from Transform Coaching Academy, along with an expansion of my personal study into the realms of self-development, money mindset, money management, consciousness research, spirituality, Hermetic philosophy, and working with the Universal Laws that govern our universe to co-create a delightful life.

When you hire me for your brand development needs, you are not simply hiring a designer – you are investing in a profoundly aligned, thoughtfully constructed container for your sacred work to become all it is meant to be.

At Jade, the work of brand is a sacred craft, a social responsibility, and an opportunity to consciously choose our best selves.

It would be my honor and immense joy to be your right-hand woman as you activate the growth, breakthrough, financial abundance, and mindset shifts you are calling in right now.