This intentionally-curated guide wants to be your branding guru.


If this describes you, you'll LOVE this free guide:

  • You'd love to add another tool to your DIY branding toolbox for getting OUT of creative block and into creative FLOW

  • You may be sensing that a misalignment in your current brand is holding you back from presenting your work with confidence, and you're ready to discover what a fresh aesthetic might hold.

  • You are ready to fall in LOVE with what you do all over again. When was the last time you felt those delicious launch-day butterflies?

  • You know something is ready to reveal itself to you. You're looking to create a container for new information to come through.

  • You are feeling the urge to fully decompress and let your cerebral self rest during an embodied art experience.

  • You’ve become absorbed in the “hustle” of running your own business and need to pause and re-align to the heart and purpose of your work.

  • You’re looking for a unique invocation for the Divine Feminine to be present and reveal new insights to integrate into your beautiful work.

  • You know intuitively that "brand identity" matters, and you're ready to fully leverage all that term holds for you.

  • You’re getting increasingly clear and specific about the feelings you'd like your brand to inspire in your audience.

  • You deeply desire to open to Source, Mystery and the wisdom of Higher Self.

  • You are ready to participate in the beautiful, flowing dance of the ultimate lovers – the Intuitive Feminine and the Strategic Masculine.



Awakening your Inner Artist will show you the path to crafting a brand identity that feels deeply aligned and delicious.


No two women move through the world in exactly the same way – but we are unified by our innate ability to manifest, create, and express. Our stories of healing, deep pain, and bright victory are each unique. 

From the richly textured collage of these myriad experiences, where we wrestle with our shadow, discover our strengths, and form our view of the world – patterns coalesce and our vocation begins to take form. We dedicate ourselves to the process, and begin to shape the collage that is our work and life with greater intentionality. 

But what if we paused from this artistic rearranging of the external to tune into the art inside of us that longs to be seen and expressed? What might we discover? How would our discovery impact the way we form and shape our vocation moving forward?

Awakening our inner Artist is an invocation for divine inspiration. It reconnects us to the place from which these Divine bodies and lives came, opening us to a space of abundance and co-creation where scarcity and self-doubt simply do not exist. This awakening reveals your unique path for building a brand on your deepest truths, rather than design fads or industry trends.


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