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Of all heart-centered styles, the Trusting Intuitive is most comfortable with risk. Her deep sense of faith allows her to live with a degree of the unknown intolerable to others. In her view, the separation between what "is" and what "will be" is an illusion: several intuitive decisions can get her to her desired destination – it is only a matter of trusting the process. She understands the world as a vast interconnected web of individual choices, and believes her choices have an impact beyond what she can immediately see. A master of keeping her cool, she shows us how to live with elegance and confidence in a world that is all too quick to throw a wrench in our carefully laid plans.

How you move through the world

Your motto

It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that leads to the great transformation of our souls.

Your strengths

Your attitude of expectant confidence is perhaps your biggest asset in work and life. Once you are aware of an unresolved question or problem in your world, you have no trouble bringing forward the information you need to cultivate a deeper understanding around the issue. You arrive to timely decisions with support from a wide variety of tools in your intuitive arsenal. You are deeply attuned to the subtext of conversations and easily see connective themes unifying seemingly disparate events, in your life and in the world. You often experience your most profound insights in the most unlikely of scenarios, which has taught you to be open-minded and curious in every situation. Spontaneity and surrender come naturally to you after years of personal and spiritual work, and you know the answers you need will present themselves in perfect timing. You find deep pleasure and enjoyment in your daily life without feeling a pressure to reach resolution around any "loose threads" or unresolved issues. The answers you need will arrive in perfect timing if you are attentive to the process.

Your blind spot

Your unflappable faith in "the process" ensures that you are more than an equal match for any obstacle that comes your way. Hold firm boundaries around your personal practice: on days you feel less grounded, the vast uncertainties you coexist with can trigger a state of paralysis and fear. Keep a journal and record all of the miracles (large and small!)  you have witnessed unfolding in your life. This exercise will deepen your trust, help write a narrative of certainty amidst all the uncertainty, and further establish your role as co-creator of the life you desire.

How you manage your brand


Your brand voice is measured and balanced. You appreciate writing that is definite about what it knows, and honest about what it does not yet know. You dislike assumptive language. You are fond of proper punctuation because it invites the reader to pause and reflect throughout what they are reading. You write largely on impulse without a concerted marketing plan, but this lack of direction is made up for with consistently inspiring and earnest content that always feels intuitively on-point for the day. You believe that language should feel heartfelt, and are more concerned with the sincerity of communication than its technical finesse. Your audience loves the authenticity of your brand voice and is happy to come along for the ride – wherever it leads (you'd like to know too!)


You lean toward designs that are art-heavy with strategically placed text. You feel this way because art and design allows for flow, fluidity, and customization, whereas language must follow certain rules. For you, the font featured in a design has a great impact on the look and feel of the piece. You have a specific typeface you use for your brand that reflects the spirit and cadence of your brand voice. You usually redesign a piece several times, revisiting it over a period of several days or weeks. Each redesign includes important revisions that help ensure your design is communicating as you intend it to.

Customer Experience

Your clients describe you as intuitive, understanding, and committed. Your practice of self-empathy and self-reflection leads you to extend seemingly bottomless grace to others because you extend to yourself. Because you practice non-attachment daily, very little ruffles your feathers. Clients often comment on how you made them feel comfortable throughout your process, ensuring their needs were well attended to with an impressive degree of insight and gentle emotional support.

How to become more

Your key to finding flow

Protect your process from all interference! For you, finding flow is a precious experience that cannot be easily flipped on like a light switch! Knowing this, eliminate distracting contact with the world as much as possible. Turn on notifications for only truly necessary apps and define how loved ones can reach you. Set non-negotiable "no-phone" times throughout your day and limit time on social media. Getting lost in someone else's creative process or well-curated brand causes you to lose sight of the beauty and uniqueness of your own vision! By focusing on the work in front of you, you will also protect yourself from Imposter Syndrome and the Comparison Trap!

Your key to balance

Create reliable structures in as many areas of your life as possible. As the predictable and tedious aspects of your life become automated, you will free up more resources to manifest your desires and feel your way, step by step, in developing your big (and elusive!) vision. Consider auto-payment systems for bills, automatic filing and labeling of incoming email, online scheduling services, and bookending the beginning and end of your week with a consistent routine. These actions will help to build predictability into the fabric of your lifestyle, reducing subconscious stress. The automation aspect will help hold you accountable to executing your vision.

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