The Soulful Strategist is a master of laying out goals in a logical sequence that manifest her big vision over the long-term. She loves the feeling of completion that comes with work well done, and this drive for precision inspires her to pursue that which clearly connects to her larger mission in life. The Soulful Strategist prizes her sacred "no" and doesn't hesitate to politely decline offers that don't clearly enhance her life. A lover of data and information, the Soulful Strategist is naturally inclined toward analysis and considers all possible outcomes when making pivotal decisions. She teaches us how to cultivate self-honesty and non-attachment, inspires us to live life in view of what is truly important, and models how to invest our time and energy in accordance with our priorities.

How you move through the world

Your motto

The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Your strengths

Your ability to detach from emotionally charged situations and call the bigger picture forward is one of your most admired abilities. You are sought out frequently for your opinion because others know they will receive a deeply perceptive and compassionate analysis of the situation. You sort through many possibilities with confidence because you have set clear boundaries to qualify every potential opportunity. You set firm parameters around every aspect of your work and life. These parameters give you the container within which to make value-based and stress-free decisions, rather than chaotic or poorly-considered ones. You see stress as a result of decisions that are not aligned with your truest self, so coming to know yourself intimately is one of the primary objectives of your personal practice. When you begin to feel the anxiety of doldrums or "what's next" creep into your work and life, you might consider your numbers or recorded milestones. You use tools such as meditation, divination, numerology, and astrology to find a fresh perspective, but balance the outcomes you see with concrete logical thought.

Your blind spot

Your ability to sequence multiple steps into one logical process makes you a sought-after strategist. This organic proclivity for elegance makes you very effective at anything you do, but on days you feel less inspired, it can make your life feel cold and mechanical. Keep the vibrancy of your vision alive by prioritizing experiences that replenish your creative juiciness and flow! Set an intention for these experiences, but refrain from setting an objective. By purposefully pausing your task-oriented tendencies, you'll open yourself to the magic of serendipity. This gentle reminder of the innate alchemy of what you do will help you fall in love with your vocation all over again – so you can return to your to-do lists with enthusiasm!

How you manage your brand


Your brand voice is specific and well-curated. You appreciate language most when words are defined and considered in context, selected with an eye for intent and impact. When you write, you are mindful of the overarching narrative you want to communicate and chooe words evocative of that broader emotion or message. When you plan your content, you do so in a way that works toward your long-term brand positioning goals. You might capitalize on basic holidays as they come along, but in general, you dislike this low-hanging fruit and prefer to facilitate conversations that are meaningful and constructive. You view writing as analogous to architecture, and you are purposeful about the way in which concepts and ideas build upon one another to create an impression larger than the sum of its parts.


You prefer design that is well-considered and minimal. For you, precision is integral to the effectiveness of a design and is synonymous with perfection. You approach every design task as a problem to solve, leveraging clear-headed logic and established brand standards in creating your visual solution. You will revise and finesse a piece of work until it feels complete. While your desire for perfection can sometimes bog down the process of getting things done, your sophisticated time management skills help move the project forward at a steady pace of progress. You have great confidence in the marketing pieces you create.

Customer Experience

Your clients describe you as measured, consistent, and confident. You are a master of active listening, mirroring back to your clients their stated desires so that you can be clear on how to tailor your process to their needs. Your strong boundaries around your work establish you as the director of the client experience. You take that responsibility seriously, ensuring that the lines of communication are always open for your clients to voice their feedback or feelings.

How to become more

Your key to finding flow

Even the most focused strategist can run into decision fatigue every now and then. To revitalize your creativity, give yourself permission to be spontaneous! Practice setting aside "white space" in your calendar – blocks of time without any tasks or priorities assigned that recur on a weekly basis. You can use this white space for anything you desire: but challenge yourself to venture outside of your established routine, comfort zone, and hobbies to try something entirely new. By welcoming these new and varied experiences into your life, you will glean new information and skills. Use this broadened perspective to optimize your strategic processes even further!

Your key to balance

Your key to finding balance will be to befriend that which is not quantifiable. By venturing outside of linear processes and into the world of the abstract, creative, and somatic, you will discover a whole new set of tools to complement your well-honed strategic abilities. Especially consider activities that give your mind a rest. Activities that connect and activate your other senses will be deeply impactful for you: consider an all-immersive spa day that captivates your sense of touch and temperature, sound healing baths that activate deep relaxation and auditory attunement, or a ceramics class that weds observation to fine motor skills.

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