technical excellence in service of a big vision

Complexity and potentiality is as tantalizing as the siren's call for The Purposeful Creator. With an uncanny ability to hold a big vision while navigating the tiniest of details, the Purposeful Creator is impossible to deter along her path to completing a project. She prizes efficacy as much as beauty, giving equal attention to the process of creating something as to the outcome. A natural connector, the Purposeful Creator is able to weave together complex collaborations between a multitude of personalities with skill and grace, easily seeing where each person can truly shine. She models for us the magic that comes through deep observation and commitment to craft, showing up with full integrity in everything she does in work and life.

How you move through the world

Your motto

I don't think outside the box, I think about what I can do WITH the box!

Your strengths

Your ability to clearly see in your mind's eye what you desire one of your greatest assets. Once you've identified a clear concept for a project, you find the necessary pieces fall easily and swiftly in place to make your vision reality! You pull together complex collaborations with finesse, seeing exactly where everyone's unique skill set belongs. The queen of follow-through, you are committed to reaching completion in every endeavor and always tie up loose threads as swiftly as possible. For you, the creative process is an unfolding of meaningful concepts that create something beautiful when considered together. You love when multiple ideas can be woven into one cohesive concept! You look for inspiration everywhere you go, and especially love antique shops, jewelry shops, and craft stores. You see potentiality where others see junk, and friends frequently joke that you can't resist a garage sale! Your visionary nature guides your intuitive sense of when to add an object to your collection, often "knowing" a piece is part of a future project before know what the project is!

Your blind spot

Your ability to intuitively pull together complex projects into a unified vision makes you a sought-after specialist. While this natural talent for execution makes you indispensable to many, it can also make you feel unmoored from your personal creative boundaries. Avoid getting lost in the desires and visions of your clients by establishing your signature style as a non-negotiable aspect of the work you produce. That signature style can apply to the deliverable you create, or it can relate to your client process – whatever you decide, assert your creative sovereignty and watch your work become even stronger than it was before!

How you manage your brand


Your brand voice is concise and inspired. You appreciate the written word most when it is presented as a complement to effective art. Drawing from a vast mental collection of cultural and artistic references, you are able to easily select the most fitting phrase in service of your vision. You prefer to use language to communicate the very essence of your idea, leaving the rest of the explanation to the creative interpretation of your audience. You are very aware that every piece you publish establishes the feel of your brand voice, and for this reason, you love to sit down and plan your content well in advance with an eye for laying things out in a sequence that builds your creative identity over time.


You prefer design that is simple and easily remembered. You emphasize composition and color over detailed perfection. You feel confident that if those two elements are handled with consistency and integrity throughout your marketing efforts, you will gain recognition over time and be easily remembered by your audience. When it comes to design, by the time you sit down to create something, you generally have a very clear sense of what a piece should look like and what is most important for it to communicate. You find design tasks easy to complete. 

Customer Experience

Your clients describe you as confident, visionary, and perceptive. You always know exactly what should be finessed to make a project feel complete, and you move with certainty and authority in the process of making those adjustments. You are extremely attentive to your clients' desires for your work, and have a reputation for delivering excellent results that fully realize the vision you were employed to achieve. You are proud of your five-star reputation and will settle for nothing less.

How to become more

Your key to finding flow

Even the most vivacious creative can feel stuck from time to time! To stay in flow, ensure you have a variety of projects going on at once. Becoming overly fixated on one project narrows the potential usefulness of all the thoughts and brilliant observations you have throughout the day in your stream of creativity-consciousness. Seek the magic number of projects – how much can you handle before feeling overwhelmed? Conversely, what is the minimum number of projects you need to nurture in order to feel engaged and inspired? These are questions only you can answer – but with a clear vision for how you want your life to feel and look, you'll find the sweet spot over time!

Your key to balance

Your key to finding balance will be to give yourself permission to create outside of the bounds of a specific goal. When you are free to experiment without so many details to manage, you'll slip into a state of play and abstract thinking. In these moments, fully observe the qualities of every element in your experimental project – texture, mood, weight, and color. Observe how these elements respond to your actions, but stay detached from the outcome! By practicing this habit of deeply studying the abstract, you'll learn to be with the process as much as the end result. Connections and new concepts will emerge that you hadn't noticed at first glance!

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