When intuition joins with faith

The dreamiest of all heart-centered styles, the Manifesting Maven enjoys flow, faith, and a deep sense of connectedness on a daily basis in a way that mystifies many. An "abundance mindset" is her only mode of moving through the world – simply because she's done the work of integration with so much diligence that abundance is now etched into her spiritual DNA. The Manifesting Maven gently reminds us to reconnect with our higher self, encouraging us to live in view of universal truths, embracing the same potentiality that is the essence of life itself.

How you move through the world

Your motto

To bring anything into your life, simply imagine that it's already there!

Your strengths

Your penetrating sense of presence and understanding naturally magnetizes your Ideal Client to you. With your spirit of openness and potentiality, you are very comfortable asking the Universe for what you want next and are a master of noting and responding to synchronicity that others miss. You always have just what you need in perfect timing. You are comfortable taking risks, in life and in business, because you know that your well-cultivated energetic boundaries will assist you in finding your true north when the venture gets overwhelming. Accepting everything that happens as a learning experience, you are a perennial optimist who acknowledges the deeply interconnected nature of all beings, sentient and non-sentient. You possess an unflagging faith that others admire, confident that you are in the perfect place, at the perfect moment, in the perfect lifetime.

Your blind spot

As a master of visioning and manifesting, "what could be" feels immediate and tangible for you. There is only a thin veil of separation between the future and the now! However, the simultaneous existence of your current reality and what will be can become disorienting without a clear day-to-day action plan to actually get there. When this happens, your supreme flexibility can cause you to feel unanchored and adrift. Keep your big vision alive by connecting to it in a daily practice before diving into the tedium and practical concerns of the now. As much as is practical, consider outsourcing tedious tasks to a partner, collaborator, or virtual assistant whose natural focus is on the details and logistical concerns of now. An accountability coach can also help ensure that you make daily progress toward your big visions!

How you manage your brand


Your brand voice is confident, centered, and non-confrontational. You prefer not to use punctuation because it makes sentences feel abrupt and too certain. You write in a way that allows your audience to see themselves in your words and find healing in the cadence of language. You trust that the intentions behind your words will be received and felt in the way you intended them, so you don't over-think your choice of vocabulary.


You appreciate designs that feel well-balanced. You take your time ensuring that every piece you put out into the world reflects your intentions as accurately and completely as possible. For you, how something looks is inseparable from the way something feels. If it doesn't feel right, no amount of rationalization can make it so! You are very comfortable creating your own designs because visual decisions come easily to you. You frequently receive "downloads" in dreams or during your client work, and when this information arrives, you don't hesitate in creating inspired marketing pieces!

Customer Experience

Your clients describe you as grounded and compassionate with an uncanny level of understanding. Working with you feels natural, comfortable, and safe. Your clients find you innately trustworthy and have complete trust in your confidentiality. You are flexible and accommodating and prefer to find appointment times that work for both you and the client, as a pre-set schedule feels too restrictive.

How to become more

Your key to finding flow

Your key to finding flow will be to create and sustain a flexible container around your work. This container should include general working hours and established processes for on-boarding new clients and delivering your service. Also consider creating pdf documents or email templates for information that you find yourself frequently repeating to clients. By creating a container around your work as a whole, you can give less attention to the how of tedious details and dive deeper into the juicy doing you've been called to do! Also consider setting a specific intention that expresses your mission and vision. With this intention as your truth north, you can eliminate decision fatigue, easily seeing what aligns with both your long-term vision and your short-term needs. This will give you more energy and time to focus on manifesting your desires!

Your key to balance

Your key to cultivating balance will be to find support from heart-centered, strategically-minded peers and mentors. A strategic perspective can deepen your intuitive understanding and ensure that as you grow your brand, the practical and nitty-gritty needs of your business receive as much love as the future soulful visions you are calling into being. These strategic peers will naturally assist you in building the bridge between the tactical now and your beautiful future. This removes the burden from you of cultivating the strategic skill-set and mode of thinking by receiving periodic advice instead.

Totally captivated by this juicy truth!?!

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