When self-reflection meets action

The most deliberative of all heart-centered styles, the Aligned Decisionmaker enjoys a complete and abiding sense of surety. Known for her unshakable confidence, her clear self-knowledge of her innate strengths enables her to choose people in her life who will complement and enhance her natural skill-set. A master of self-reflection, the Aligned Decisionmaker compels us to spend time in thoughtful introspection by asking insightful questions and affirming what we know to be true about ourselves.

How you move through the world

Your motto

"The more you approve of your own decisions in life, the less you feel the need to have them approved or accepted by others."

Your strengths

Your internal and external worlds both benefit from well-established habits of awareness and self-care routines that assist you in showing up as your best self daily. You firmly and proudly hold the mantle of captain of your own ship. Steering that ship is a responsibility you take seriously. You are a master of gracefully and unequivocally stating your boundaries because these parameters allow you to focus on the work ahead and be the best you can be for your clients. Because of this serious and thoughtful life perspective, it's an odd situation that unfolds out of your control. When a course correction is required, your first instinct is to consider where you compromised on alignment with your core values – you are, after all, the captain of this ship, and it got here somehow! Your strong sense of personal accountability enables you to take quantum growth leaps from every experience without assigning blame to others or minimizing what you could have learned.

Your blind spot

Your mastery of detail ensures that every aspect of a decision is properly attended to. You easily optimize every situation by considering how your choices will impact you and those around you. However, your deliberative nature can impede the unfolding of organic processes that do not respond in such a predictable and calculated manner! By emphasizing your intention over the outcome, you will give others the space they need to be themselves, while allowing serendipity to spice up your life with a place on center stage! Remember that a little unpredicted chaos is an opportunity to flex your navigational muscles.

How you manage your brand


Your brand voice is determined, consistent, and transparent. You love punctuation because it makes sentences feel definite and established. You write with a well-honed vocabulary and take the time to actually define the words you use to ensure your audience understands exactly what you are communicating. You believe language should be specific and that words should be assigned concrete meaning to be properly understood in the context they are in. You value precision and completeness, so you thoroughly proof-read everything you write before publishing!


You appreciate designs that clearly and elegantly communicate what an audience needs to hear. You strongly dislike flowery design details that obscure message, but you also dislike language that is presented unaccompanied by design. For you, design serves to support language and should underscore the message being communicated in concise and specific ways. If something about a design feels "extra", you will simply cut it out in favor of more space for your text to shine. You find this goal-oriented approach makes most design tasks simple, but adding details creates an unnecessary tedium you'd rather avoid.

Customer Experience

Your clients describe you as transparent, honest, and self-aware. Your self-confidence naturally makes your client feel more confident about themselves, facilitating an empowered and productive relationship. Clients often comment on how much they feel they accomplished with you, and how much they admire your decision-making process. People are constantly commenting about what they "learned from you" even when you were unaware you were being observed!

How to become more

Your key to finding flow

Your key to finding flow will be to build space for free play and exploration into your schedule. Give this commitment as much priority as the time you devote to your business. Give yourself permission to take a break from the seriousness of life for the entirety of these periods of play without bringing along any "mental homework" or things to "figure out." Outside your well-honed framework of decision-making, unexpected discoveries can find their way to your playful and open mind!

Your key to balance

Your key to cultivating balance will be to finding time to tangibly experiment. Your highly refined intellectual abilities can lead to a life lived mostly in the cognitive aspect. Experimenting with media or hobbies that respond to physical stimulus will give you the opportunity to have ground-breaking realizations in an abstract, rather than mental context. These experiences will encourage you to trust processes that are less linear than your usual modus operandi, making your life feel deeply juicy and creative. You might even be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your decision-making process!

Totally captivated by this juicy truth!?!

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