A container for 7 special womxn ready to wholly transform their relationship to money so they can lean fully into their Sacred Work.


Welcome, courageous heart.

I know you’re here because you are fed UP with the status quo.

You are sick and tired of striving and surviving – you are ready to THRIVE doing the work you are meant to do.

You are in exactly the right place.

I created flourish to help you heal your relationship with money, design your own financial reality, lean fully into your Sacred Work, and tap into spiritual sufficiency on a consciousness level for whole-person healing.



Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You have decided you are DONE with scarcity mode, and you are ready to release and transmute the beliefs holding you back, no matter how dark the process seems at the outset.

  • You are ready to acknowledge, forgive, and release the self-punishing behaviors and beliefs that keep you in a vicious cycle of self defeat of lack and not enough.

  • You are done fluctuating wildly from abundant, hopeful highs to intensely fearful lows, living on the edge of that “next” financial saving grace arriving at just the right moment without permanent improvement.

  • Setting rigid goals and a strict money plan doesn’t resonate with you, but you recognize that your current money behaviors aren’t serving your highest good.

  • You are ready to claim your freedom from societal scarcity conditioning, discover your own authentic convictions, and define your own relationship to money.

  • You desire a coaching perspective that fully acknowledges the toxicity of white privilege, systemic injustice, and spiritual charlatanry.

  • You feel stuck in a series of financial “catch-22’s” that keeps you taking mediocre work you don’t like to pay the bills or make your goals.

  • You feel a massive dissonance between the work you are CALLED to do and the money you require to live, and desire to bring healing to that relationship.

  • You feel inordinately proud of your ability to “stretch a buck, to make do with little, or to just figure out “how to make it work” from little to zero resources, and you recognize this behavior is keeping you stuck.

  • You’ve done ALL the money mindset work, but still haven’t see the shift in your material reality and income.



Self-empathy and gentleness define my approach.


Within flourish, you will open to potentiality beyond what you’ve ever imagined before. You will feel new realms of possibility materialize on the edge of your creative vision, coming into clearer focus as you notice the things you’ve been missing all along.


Within flourish, you will flow with the gentle undulation of giving and receiving. You will conceptualize money in an entirely different way than ever before, you will perceive the truth beyond the material veil of black-and-white numbers, and know the energetic meaning they represent.


Within flourish, you will ground into the truth and stability of your Soul’s Work. You will lean into your calling with complete confidence. Your vision will expand, monetization opportunities will arrive easily, and you will be further refined as ambassador, lightworker, changemaker, and woman.


teachings rooted in Universal Law

I believe that the Universe is an ever-unfolding, whole and complete Creation manifesting from an omnipresent, non-gendered, non-embodied intelligence. The ancient Hermetic philosophers termed this intelligence “The All,” because from The All, all things flow into expression on all planes of reality. Just as the linear reality flows according to the Law of Gravity and other mathematically describable rules, so does the non-linear reality of mentation, spirit, mindset, and beliefs. As we learn these Universal Laws and come into harmony with them through healing and refining our Consciousness, we awaken to our marvelous capacity for participating in this process of unfolding – and are able to co-create our reality with ease.



Our group container is a curated space with Community Guidelines lovingly crafted by me. These Guidelines are part of my proven process for holding a space where women can relax into safe, shame-free space knowing they will be honored, supported, and protected with zero-judgement. You will be witnessed, seen and supported and your privacy fully respected – what is shared within our container stays within our container.


We meet once weekly for a group call together. During this time, each woman will be coached individually. These are provocative, transformative, and inspiring sessions where you bring what is on your heart, and I guide you to clarity through proven coaching methodology, mirroring, and insightful questions. You are loved, you are challenged, you are called to embody your inner Queen like never before.


I mail you a curated collection of 4 books to kick off your experience. We will reference these simple, easy-to-read texts throughout our journey together. This mutual study will enhance the potency of each woman’s breakthrough as we are able to reflect and share with one another from common ground and profound knowledge, refining our own perspectives as we go.

Brooke Berkompas

Brooke Berkompas

My calling is to make the ethereal practical – so that you can make your paradigm shift.

I have helped dozens of women activate massive shifts at a CONSCIOUSNESS level that has transformed their lives in quantum ways. 

I am a freedom agent. I only attract women who are READY to claim the life they deserve and are ready to show up and work toward it with a fiery fucking passion – because you know deep down you deserve this.

Even if your fire is one single flame, you belong here.

Freedom from money shame is yours to claim.

Following your Soul’s Work is not only your birthright, but a sacred responsibility the whole planet benefits from.

I’m here to guide you following your Soul Work in a way that prioritizes your financial, spiritual, and emotional well-being: I call this path Sufficiency.

flourish is designed for only 7 special women ready to transform their relationship to money finally, wholly, and gently – so they can lean fully into their Soul’s Work.

If you know you are one of these 7, you are being actively called into this space right now.

Your Soul is so ready for freedom.

Your Soul is so ready for you to say YES to a whole new plane of consciousness and increased synchronicity.

Your Soul is ready for you to TURN ON your power, release your shame, and get the money drama OUT of the way so that you can get on the path to allowing your Sacred Work to abundantly provide for you in all respects.

The “right time” is always the moment you decide for it to be – it truly is that obnoxiously uncomplicated. ;)

In love,




I have a special payment plan prepared for Unfurl Alumni to honor the depth of commitment and passion you bring to your Sacred Work. If this is you, please email me at Brooke@jadeconsultingco.com. It would be my immense pleasure to gather with you again in this second container!



Beginning with birth, through chaos, through the twists and turns of lessons learned, upward we move along the vertical of enlightenment, before attaining final Nirvana. This symbol came into my life at one of my darkest and most confused moments, and I’ve found so much solace in the grace and beauty of each curve. The essence of the Unalome is the spirit with which we will gather into flourish: total forgiveness, and knowledge we are divinely called to the path we walk, no matter the severity of the temporary chaos we feel.