When was the last time you felt like the priestess of your life?

As an unstoppable creatrix, you're doing big work

When was the last time you dedicated a whole day to pleasure and enjoyment?

When was the last time you reflected on everything you have accomplished?

When was the last time you completely left behind your to-do list and sank into the present moment?

If you can't remember the last time, this offering is intended especially for you.

You fill many roles for many beautiful people.

You're nurturing relationships, making amazing things happen, and making the world a better place with your creativity, hard work, and dedication. Friend, daughter, mother, partner, sister, leader, nurturer, protectress, provider, caretaker, interior designer, comforter – you're so many things to so many people. How would you show up in these roles if you made the time to nurture the most important person in your life first – you?


How would it feel to recognize, celebrate, and nourish yourself?

What might open up for you if you could be witnessed and held in safe space?

What new opportunities could be created in your life by opening your throat chakra and speaking your truth?

How would discovering a deeper connection to yourself, profound self-love, and genuine self-admiration enhance your sex life – solo or partnered?

What magic could you manifest within dedicated sacred space with zero distractions?

How would it feel to step into all that you’re meant to be in your brand, business, and life?


We've alchemized Body Painting, Photography, and Energy Healing into this one special offering. This is the sacred container within which your priestess experience will manifest in an unforgettable, transformational way.



Your creatrix guides


Elyssa Zornes : photographer

Elyssa is the head photographer of Elsa Co Photo, a photography team founded on the ardent conviction that every person has a Creator within awaiting self-expression. Elyssa & Curtis have developed this passion into a specialty style that focuses on self-expressive fashion, stories of personal pilgrimage and love, and adventurism in the great Pacific Northwest.

Elyssa’s absolute passion is capturing the pure, genuine beauty that lives in each person. The client's personality, style, journey and soul make up an incredible story. Capturing and sharing that paints a beautiful canvas. She loves to extend this creative power from behind the lens to her clients, inviting them to co-create their story with her.

Oh – and she LOVES all the basic things: Oreos, Netflix, Bubble Baths, Wine, and the end of September.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.41.30 PM.png

Mackenzie Rae: Intuitive Guide

Mackenzie works with women who are feeling out of control in their relationship with food.... women who are using food to numb and check out of their body. She works with women who are feeling defeated by the unrealistic expectations of beauty in mainstream media and are lacking inspiration in their day to day life.

Mackenzie combines Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coaching with her intuitive healing background in Reiki and Energy Medicine to help women feel free and liberated in their relationship with food and their body. She helps her clients discover the the hidden messages beneath their unwanted eating behaviors and health symptoms so they can release their shame and start living the life they know they are meant to live.

Mackenzie is here to help you navigate back to your Self and help you understand what your Soul is truly craving.


Brooke Berkompas: Artist & Coach

Brooke is working to create a world where every woman thrives doing work she loves by teaching the timeless principles of brand alchemy and ideological embodiment. Brooke believes vocation is sacred, and that stepping into our higher calling holds the key to discovering who we are meant to be in this lifetime.

Brooke is known for her vibrant Libra personality and being a mirror for other women to see their innate strength, beauty, and competence. She guides her clients in seeing beyond the now to the potentiality of what could be, "what if..."

She loves all things pleasure, including spa days, dark chocolate, and orgasmic manifestation rituals. She spends her free-time gardening, illustrating sexy women, and completing carpentry projects around the hobby farm.


The flow of your experience

Your experience is lovingly structured to provide an experience that feels beautiful and unhurried from beginning to end.


Intention & Energy Work

Once we reach our shoot location, Mackenzie will guide you in setting an Intention for experience. This radiant woman is known for the gentle, secure energetic space she holds as a coach and Intuitive Counselor. Then, Mackenzie will invite you to relax and sink into an hour of blissful energy healing, helping you to release what is no longer serving you, balance your chakras, and open you to receiving the beautiful healing available in this experience.


Body Painting & Coaching

With the gentle conclusion of your Energy Healing experience, Brooke will coach you in declaring what you'd like to see come through in your body painting art. What do you need to let go of so this painted self can come through in the world? Brooke adores bringing forward the more of a woman through paint; highlighting the body's innate strength, wisdom, and beauty with a cadence that only paint can offer. You'll be offered to consult on intuitive color choice. You'll be given the option to view the final work before we shoot.


Photography & Celebration

You're now feeling deeply at ease and at home in your body. Now, Elyssa will gently guide you through the actual photoshoot. Elyssa has a true gift in coaxing the personality out of even the most camera-shy, capturing eccentricity in all its glory, and working to transform your stated intention into a polished, visual work of art. This is your opportunity to bring forward all of that juicy priestess energy in your shoot!

Your Legacy Gifts

Because our desire is for you to call on this transformational experience whenever you need to root into your personal power, your session includes three legacy gifts from our heart to yours.


CAnvas print

Your experience includes one tangible canvas print of Elyssa's favorite image from the shoot, signed with love and drop-shipped to your door for convenience. This powerful remembrance of your experience will help you cherish this experience for years to come and remember to see yourself as the gorgeous priestess you are.

Value: $54


Energy clearing mist

Your experience includes one bottle of Mackenzie's special Energy Clearing Mist. This mist has been specially charged with Reiki and your healing intention. Call forward your personal power and intention at any time by spraying this mist, clearing your field, and grounding into the truth of who you are.

Value: $24


awaken your inner artist

Your experience includes Brooke's ebook entitled Awakening Your Inner Artist: A Guide to Discovering Your Brand Soul. This book guides you in an inspired art experience that will show you the power of intuition and strategy in alchemical partnership.

Value: $44


Investment $1,111

Angel Number 1111 invites you to be aware of your thoughts, as they are manifesting quickly into your reality. Our intention is to help you manifest that reality intentionally by creating this sacred milestone experience in your life!



limited sessions available

Reserve your session.

Please note: a $333 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking

Questions? We're glad you asked!


How does Reiki Energy Healing work?

Reiki Energy Healing is the giving of light-filled, Universal life force energy through the hands of an attuned practitioner. Reiki Master Mackenzie Rae has been attuned as part of the Japanese Usui Reiki lineage. This energy has an intelligence that works independently of the practitioner who is holding space for the work to take place. The healing received always works for the client's highest good. The experience and skill of the practitioner and the receptivity of the client may impact the overall experience of a Reiki session and how long the effects are felt. The work is given by placing hands on or above the body of the fully-clothed recipient. Reiki works to heal the Physical, Emotional, and Energetic bodies in profound ways while also facilitating spiritual and creative insights. Questions? Email Mackenzie Rae here.


Where do we shoot? Do I get to choose the location?

We will travel to any location of your choice within 15 miles of Bellingham City Limits. However, our photographer Elyssa Zornes is an incredible resource for location suggestions with hundreds of creative portraiture shoots logged in her impressive portfolio of work. You can email Elyssa here to describe your desires for the shoot and see what local spots might best fulfill your vision. If you'd like to venture farther than Whatcom County, please contact Elyssa for our travel rates.


Is the body paint safe? My skin is very sensitive!

Brooke uses professional body paint that is safe for sensitive skin. This is not standard "face paint" like at carnivals or fairs, but the professional material on par with what is used at makeup schools. If you are concerned about how your skin will react, please feel free to email Brooke here and set up a little "testing" appointment together. We'll paint a few tests to ensure that everything goes perfectly!