How would it feel to know with certainty your next right step? What if you could feel excited about what you’re building in your life, rather than stuck in fear, confusion, and lack?

Imagine how it would feel to receive empathy & support for exactly what you are going through right now.

Imagine feeling deeply affirmed in the divine unfolding and perfect timing of your unique calling.

Imagine how it would it feel to SEE your business with clarity and optimism.

Imagine clearly identifying your next right step and noticing the miracles already available to you.

Everything in the universe flows with orderly purpose to the place it is intended to go.

The gift of the coaching experience is to free the psychic space required to invite the material realities of emotional and financial abundance into our lives. When we live in chaos, uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt, we literally prevent ourselves from accessing that sufficiency and abundance.

This is why all great accomplishments must begin with doing the inner & outer work to “get our house in order.” For a practical example, it’s nearly impossible to pay down debt until you both heal your money mindset and consolidate your debt. It’s immensely difficult to invite a healthy relationship into your life until you learn to love yourself fully and release the old relationship! Similarly, it’s profoundly difficult to become a Soul Client magnet without doing the work of identifying a specific problem that resonates with you and crafting a beautiful offering that clearly solves it.

Your desires can only flow to you when you become a prepared vessel: you manifest what you desire to the extent you make space for it.

Saying yes to coaching is more than inviting an ally into this inner and outer work.

To be truly open to coaching means that you are taking a spiritual step toward accountability, that you are willing to move forward with determination and resIlience to make your dreams and goals REALITY!

I would not be where I am today without the loving, empathic support of the coaches I have worked with. These women gave me the strength to face what seemed like unsurmountable challenges, were there for me when I felt completely alone on my entrepreneurial path, and gave me permission to follow my intuition and passion in revolutionary ways.

The innate truth of your worth and ability is something you can know today, no matter where you are at in your business or brand development. Integrating these truths on a soul level will empower you to actualize the fantastic future you desire for your life.

These empowered feelings and clear action steps are within your reach right now. 



Brooke is a BRILLIANT coach and person. Her ability to tune in to the essence of my “word vomit” and then articulate it back to me is phenomenal. This process provides much needed clarity and helps me more easily move forward toward solutions. Brooke is also a creative genius, which means she’s great at (gently!) offering suggestions that I would never come up with on my own. Her insight is extremely valuable and gives me confidence that everything is figure-out-able. Most importantly to me, Brooke is genuinely caring, compassionate, and accepting, so I leave sessions feeling understood, held, related to, and believed in. Her innate personality and talents combined with her cultivated skills make her an outstanding coach whom I’m honored to get to work with.
— Kelsey Potts, Kelsey Potts Life Coaching

how your Clarity Coaching Call works

You tell me where you want to go.


Using the information you provide via my detailed intake form at time of scheduling your call, I review your brand, business, and coaching goals prior to our session together.

We dig deep together.


No judgement here – only empathic listening as I use proven life coaching methodologies to help you dig deep and find the clarity you’ve been looking for.

You get your action plan.


After our call together, I'll sit with everything and craft a follow-up brief that summarizes the next right steps we identified on our call together.

It would be my joy and honor to hold space for you.

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Questions? I'm glad you asked!


 How do I know what my return on investment will be after just one coaching session with you?

Beautiful question! To help ensure you receive a return on your investment, I recommend approaching our call with one primary intention, holding this intention lightly in a spirit of "this or better." Please share this clear intention in your intake form at booking or via email beforehand. In addition to being clear about a specific intention, arrive ready to dive deep! Prior to our call together, set aside time to get into a space of emotional, energetic, spiritual, and intellectual presence. (I always clear my space with incense of copal to ensure my attention and presence are undivided!) Commit to being open-minded and to sit with any emotions that arise, trusting that this is simply the natural shedding of old beliefs that precedes big transformation, just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly! My coaching style is gentle and collaborative to help keep you in a space of openness and receptivity. Jade provides us a container within which time slows down and incredible break-throughs occur. With both of us showing up in this spirit of possibility, magic will happen! 


I'm pretty sure this mental fog will clear soon. Why should I invest now when I could just wait this out and trust the process?

I believe that confidence and creative flow manifest in our lives in greater and greater capacities as we decide to do the inner work of finding clarity. Uncertainty, confusion, and mental fog keep us in a space of restriction and self-doubt. In those mode, we can only see what's right in front of us – our world of possibility is literally small. Through coaching, we can identify those underlying beliefs that keep your inner world feeling claustrophobic. Once you see these limiting beliefs, you are empowered to replace them with ones that support your abundance, joy, and sense of self-worth. The world of possibility begins to EXPAND exponentially. More light, love, and inspiration comes through with ease and joy. You'll feel divinely inspired, aligned to your mission, and confident in your vision. You'll feel lit-up with excitement and anticipation about where your vocation is headed. You may even feel ready to be more visible online!

What will this coaching call give me that I couldn't receive from any other online branding course or webinar? 

As human and as Spirit, we are designed for community. When we mirror truth for one another, we see powerful aspects of ourselves that haven't before come to light. DIY courses are implemented within our existing framework of understanding, and information is often heard through the existing filter of our beliefs. Coaching is so powerful because it gently tests, stretches, and reframes this foundational belief system to make room for what can truly serve us. This is an opportunity for you to discover strengths in yourself you may never even seen before! This is not simply advice or a strategy briefing: this is a deeply collaborative, alchemical experience. It's about me holding space for who you are and what you are struggling with, while navigating your next right step with you. It is my life's work to see you stand tall in your Sacred Work: the love, integrity and intention I invest in my coaching calls is truly transformational.


This sounds really amazing, but I'm just not sure yet. Should I book anyways?

In my own life, my intuition is my guide. Likewise, I believe that your intuition should be honored in choosing to work with me! I believe that you already know whether or not this coaching engagement would serve you: I invite you to reflect a bit and listen to that intuition. Clarity and insight often come through most clearly when we are not attached to the outcome – feel for a yes, no, or a maybe! If you don't feel a yes right now, I invite you to become part of my Instagram universe, browse my IGTV videos, and get to know me on a more personal level there. Please feel free to direct message me anytime on Instagram as well!