Take 2019 by storm with a brand platform that reflects the level of authority you bring to your work.

Imagine how would it feel to look forward on your calendar and see, in just 6 weeks, the launch date BOOKED for your super-sexy, totally-strategic, FULLY developed brand platform. As a changemaker, your time is too valuable to be drowning in the complexity of so many tiny decisions, details, and technical bits.

Let’s get you to brand launch efficiently, enjoyably, and by deadline.

I’m a Brand Development expert specializing in helping ambitious, heart-centered solopreneurs capitalize on who they are and what they offer through strategic brand positioning. I’ve worked with dozens of high-power women 1:1 to identify, elevate, and communicate their brands to cut through the clutter, define their vision and mission, build credibility with their audiences, and easily magnetize their Soul Clients { while delighting in the process! }

I elevate you from the minutia of tiny decisions so you can make your maximum impact. Through 12 weeks in my signature program, you’ll emerge with a comprehensive brand positioning strategy.

So… what does it truly take to build your brand platform?

The elegance and ease of technology makes developing a brand platform seem so simple up front – but true excellence requires addressing many moving parts with a clear end-game always in mind.

When clients initially come to me, they often have several conversations initiated with a whole variety of creative professionals, but are drowning in tedious emails trying to knit all of this creativity juiciness together into ONE cohesive whole. The result? Duplicate communication, missed opportunities, lack of vision, unnecessary stress, and so much wasted time.

You can build your brand platform alone, or you can hire a Brand Development professional to architect the process. It’s just like renovating your home: of course you would trust the intricacies of small, delicate decisions to your general contractor.... attending to that many details would make you go crazy while also totally sucking the JOY out of such a once-in-a-lifetime, transformative investment in something so precious! { Lucky for you, nothing makes me happier than seeing a symphony of details elegantly finessed into one complete vision. }

It’s like hiring a Creative Director.

For these 12 intensive weeks together, YOU are my number #1 priority. We’ll move from dreaming to architecting to building in an orderly flow – and finally, to all those gorgeous finishing touches that will truly make you stand out in your niche.


I want you to feel totally confident investing in this process – so I’m including a gift with this offer.

I’m offering a you a no-strings-attached, FREE 90 minute Clarity Coaching Call at the outset of our collaborative journey together. This will give you just a tiny delectable taste of the quantum growth we can manifest together. If you don’t love your 90 minute Clarity Coaching Call, you get your money back, GUARANTEED.


What’s included?

After this engagement, you will be equipped with a stunning brand platform that fully leverages your expertise, personality, and values so you can earn more doing what you love.

Life Coaching Sessions to excavate any limiting beliefs sucking your focus

Brand Coaching Sessions to define your platform and answer every question you have!

Brand Strategy Sessions to clarify your Brand Ecosystem and reveal your highest-ROI activities

Creative Direction to bring your whole team of professionals into smooth, concerted action

Sexy & Strategic Logo Design from the psychology-driven brand development perspective

Cohesive Visual Identity to support your logo and increase Brand Recognition

Brand Voice Style Guide to ensure your intentions are clearly and powerfully articulated

Ongoing personal support via text, email, and phone throughout our journey together!

CUSTOMIZED Launch Plan & Support to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck on launch day

I’ve curated these services to ensure you are ready to rock it on the date we launch your platform!

My signature blend of collaborative coaching and strategic, tough-love expertise will give you total clarity, massive momentum, serious activation, and key Brand Mastery skills & knowledge that will give you an edge in your journey moving forward.

We’ll get on the same page through your Life Coaching sessions, so you can feel confident, inspired, and totally prepared for the brand development journey that lies ahead.

We’ll get clear through your Brand Coaching sessions, so you can be confidently committed to your brand’s vision, mission, legacy, culture, and values while articulating this easily to the world.

We’ll map your brand platform as an ecosystem, identifying the purpose and function of each element so you can know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what is most important to your brand’s long-term development.

We’ll develop a clear intention for your brand photography shoot, so you can enjoy creative portraiture that captures your radiant personality while *ALSO* supporting your brand’s positioning.

We’ll develop a sexy, strategic logo that will truly sing to the high-paying Soul Clients you need, so you can feel confident in an identity that won’t become outdated when { not if } the next design trend arises.

You’ll receive a complete visual identity suite to support your logo, so you can commission gorgeous marketing collateral from any graphic designer for years to come.

We’ll define a cohesive style guide for your brand platform, so you can easily and quickly make executive decisions that protect the equity of your brand while outsourcing the completion of tedious, time-wasting tasks { like business cards! }

We’ll craft a specific and flexible brand voice guide, so you can stay laser-focused on your brand’s unique positioning and share your vision with future copywriters, ad managers, and social media managers clearly, quickly, and easily.

AND, I’ll communicate with all the members of your team along the way to ensure every detail is attended to with the big picture in mind: so you can focus, undistracted, on creating profit NOW in your zone of genius!

I’m here to eliminate the overwhelm of minutia as you step into the next chapter of your career as a solopreneur: while holding space for you to delight in the deeply transformative process of brand development.

I am opening space for 3 special women ready to take 2019 by storm.

As one of my 3 special women, you’ll enjoy both a complimentary 90 Minute Clarity Call ($272 value) and access to Archetypal Alchemy ($272) for a total bonus value of $544 – my gift to you. Archetypal Alchemy includes access to my signature Discovery Tool to determine which of the 12 Brand Archetypes your brand aligns with, as well as a comprehensive Archetypal Alchemy Guide { including Reflection, Integration, and Implementation to help you embody your archetype in the unique way that only you can! }

THIS is the ONLY way to access this exclusive BONUS.


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