Become a knowledgeable practitioner in the sacred science of brand magnetism.

>>> Enrollment open now through October 20th, 2018 <<<

If your brand reflected the full power and beauty of your calling, what would shift for you? How would your business, your mindset, your emotions be transformed?

10 Days of Guided Self Reflection through 3 modules, supported by: 

 9 Custom Worksheets

5 hours of Video Teaching

3 LIVE 90 minute Coaching Cohort Sessions

Invitation to become a Jade Ambassador

Your fee applicable toward the 10 Week Brand Roadmap Mastermind

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All sales final. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions… I’ll help you make sure the Roadmap is the perfect fit for you!


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How the program works

10 days of Guided Reflection   |   3 Modules   |   3 LIVE 90-Minute Video Sessions with me

Every morning for 10 days, an email will be delivered to your inbox with the day's material. At the conclusion of each 3-day Module, I will host a LIVE 90-minute video session and answer your questions personally so that you get the FULL VALUE of this material as each step progresses. You are encouraged to set aside a regular time & space for your daily reflection (1 hour or more) so that you can sink deep and be present with the work.

Once enrollment concludes on October 20th, I will send you a welcome packet via snail mail with all printables!

All sales final. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions… I’ll help you make sure the Roadmap is the perfect fit for you!


If you see yourself in any of these three below reasons, this program was designed for you.

1. You've purchased dozens of online programs before, but haven't been able to unify them into one plan of action.

You've invested your precious cash in online programs, trusting in the flashy promise of yet another online business coach with a sales page that super-aggravates allll your pain points (don't worry, I have to) The program concludes without a phenomenal breakthrough, so you assume you weren't smart enough or clever enough or hardworking enough to "apply it like she did."

I believe that in order for knowledge to be transformative, it must be integrative. I don't hold out on you in the 10 Day Brand Roadmap – I give you EVERYTHING I KNOW, and guide you through it in three 90 minute cohort coaching sessions to ensure you do, truly, GET IT. (Because you ARE smart, clever, and hardworking enough) I do ask that you give yourself unhurried, uncluttered, open-minded space to learn and integrate this knowledge. I want you to be able to graduate from this program with everything you need to cultivate a meaningful brand that magnetizes your Ideal Client.

2. You feel deeply insecure about marketing your business in the online space and promoting yourself on social media.

When you finally break down and agree to spend some time on social media, you feel like you're walking into a different universe that doesn't connect to your brand. The process feels stressful and time-consuming. Maybe you post content secretly hoping that no one will read it, or you keep all your writing tucked away on an old blog that has come to feel more like an intimate private journal than a resource for your people.

You constantly find yourself procrastinating on sending your email campaigns, going LIVE on IG terrifies you, and you self-censor in worry of how your words will be perceived, understood, or interpreted by others. There's always a reason that you haven't taken the exact step you know you need to take to get your brand to the next level of VISIBILITY. (The algorithm, the time, the app changes, "Facebook is garbage," etc)

3. You can't figure out how to describe what you do in a compelling way that magnetizes your Ideal Client.

You know the work you do is powerful. SUPER powerful. But you struggle to articulate it in a way that expresses its essence, impact, and import without becoming lengthy and technical. You feel like by the end of your post, you've lost your voice, and the piece rings flat. You might ask friends and family to read your content before posting it, endlessly performing tiny edits, because you aren't confident that your intent and emotion is really coming through.  

Your content can be better described as separate bits of information, different aspects of your work, that aren't unified into one cohesive narrative. You feel stuck in your head, forced to choose between writing from your heart and writing with the intent to sell. You want your Ideal Client to see themselves in the words you share, to interact with you, to believe in your work and see it's value.

Wanna sample the Jade perspective before committing to the whole program? I support you fully! Take the Archetypal Alchemy Quiz for a juicy taste of the delicious work of Brand Magick.


You'll learn...

  • What brand positioning is, why it matters, and how to leverage it – no matter what size your business is.

  • How to assess your brand in a big picture, aerial way that will reveal the most strategic place to invest your time and energy.

  • How to coach yourself through key blocks and stretch into your personal power for a big up-level.

  • How to activate your brand voice through Ideological Embodiment, visualization, and Archetypal Alignment.

  • How to cultivate a resonant brand voice through practical guidelines and intentional tonality.

  • Why some brands ignite a "HELL YES!" inside of you, while you pass by others easily.

  • How to contribute to the culture of your Ideal Client in meaningful ways that integrate you into their social fabric: the pathway to brand equity.

  • How to journey from Brand Awareness all the way to Brand Resonance, and why each step of that sequence is so key to the development of your brand.

  • How to reframe your understanding of brand as the way you show up online, not just the way you look online.

  • Why building brand is truly all about the alchemical partnership between the intuitive feminine and the strategic masculine: and why BOTH aspects are key for sustainability.

  • How to leverage Archetypal Alchemy to transform every aspect of your brand's identity in a way you never before thought possible.

  • How to root into your daily mission for sustained vigor and increased focus, while always in view of your heart-centered legacy.

  • How to discover your motivational pattern and step into your personal power to identify which areas of brand-building will feel easiest to leverage.

  • How to finesse the feel, impression, energy, and sensibility of your brand into a highly unique aesthetic that feels deeply resonant with your audience.

  • How to craft a Brand Intention Statement to revolutionize your elevator pitch and manifest your Ideal Client.


The Bottom Line:

You will emerge as a knowledgable practitioner of Brand Magick.

Wanna sample the Jade perspective before committing to the whole program? I support you fully!

Take the Archetypal Alchemy Quiz for a juicy taste of the delicious work of Brand Magick.


Important Program Dates

Program Begins: November 2, 2018

You are strongly recommended to attend live sessions, but video recordings will be emailed to you following each session.

November 5th  Monday  @  4:30 pm PST   |  Live Q & A Session

November 8th  Thursday  @  4:30 pm PST  |  Live Q & A Session

November 12th  Monday  @  4:30 pm PST  |  Live Q & A Session


Program Outline



How do I want to show up?

  • Day 1: Finding My Vocational Fulfillment  Vocational Clarity exercises: identifying strengths and areas that need support

  • Day 2: Appreciating My Multifaceted Identity  Alchemizing your trainings & experience, committing to a cohesive identity

  • Day 3: Defining My Heart-centered Legacy  Tapping into your "why," your vision, and your mission


Day 3: LIVE 90-Minute Video Q&A



Who do I want to attract?

  • Day 4: Discovering My Resonance  Brand voice, intent versus impact, vulnerability and trust

  • Day 5: Baby, Say My Name  Calling your Ideal Client by name, creating a marketing avatar, and setting aside personal ego

  • Day 6: Creating Container & Culture Content guidelines, cultural values, vocabulary, curating aesthetic


DAY 6: LIVE 90-Minute Video Q&A



How do I position my brand?

  • Day 7: Leveraging Universal Narrative The power of archetype & universal meaning, connecting through story

  • Day 8: Setting The Tone Brand voice, intent versus impact, showing up as your aligned self, more

  • Day 9: Brand Intention Statement Unique Selling Proposition, client manifestation techniques, aligned marketing


DAY 10: LIVE 90-Minute Video Q&A


All sales final. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions… I’ll help you make sure the Roadmap is the perfect fit for you!