The same incredible content of my 10 Day Brand Roadmap program, but with 1:1 coaching and more space for integration.

Note: if you have taken the 10 Day Brand Roadmap course before, your investment is deducted from the cost of this program. Thank you for your trust in Jade and your dedication to making the world a better place! I love you!

This intensive program will equip you with a clear, cohesive brand that reflects the full power & beauty of your vocation within 10 weeks.


LIMITED TO 10 people only

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This course is for YOU if:

  • You want to learn how to translate your vocation into a brand.

  • You imagine bringing all your beautiful ideas into one, integrated whole.

  • You desire a brand that gives you creative flexibility and room for growth.

  • You are ready to move through your fear of visibility and root into the innate beauty of who you are and what you offer.

  • You are looking to pull all those "puzzle pieces" together into one big picture.

  • You possess a curious, open mind and are OPEN to activating greater potentiality and abundance in your life.


How the program works

Every Monday morning for 10 weeks, an email will be delivered to your inbox with the week's material. Every week, we will either gather for a 1-hour Q&A Session with the cohort, or you will meet privately with more for your 1:1 coaching session at the conclusion of each 3-week Module. These LIVE, 1:1 90-minute coaching sessions are where I answer your questions personally and guide you through applying this material to your brand in actionable ways. You are encouraged to set aside a regular time & space for your daily reflection (1 hour or more) so that you can sink deep and be present with the work.



Brand Roadmap Program Value: $272

7 Group Coaching Sessions Value: $127 x 7

3 one-on-one 90 Minute Coaching Sessions Value: $272 x 3

Total Value: $1,977

Program Cost: $1,270


Auto-billed to your card of choice, held securely on file by Jade Consulting LLC

Note: if you have taken the 10 Day Brand Roadmap course before, your investment is deducted from this total. Thank you for your trust in Jade and your dedication to making the world a better place! I love you!


The RESULTS you can expect:

  • ACTIONABLE UNDERSTANDING of the brand strategy principles successful business owners leverage daily to build their brands.

  • RENEWED FAITH and unshakeable confidence in the divine unfolding of your vocation and its perfect timing.

  • TIMELESS TOOLS for ongoing brand positioning that are usually limited to my 1:1 clients at a much higher rate of investment.

  • ADDITIONAL TOOLS for moving through your fears of visibility and vulnerability.

  • CLEAR GUIDELINES for keeping forward momentum and cultivating long-term brand equity.

  • ACTIVATED BRAND VOICE to help facilitate easy, honest, enjoyable conversations with your audience.

  • DISCOVER HOW to attract client relationships that are profitable and deeply fulfilling.


The Bottom Line: you'll be IN LOVE with your brand – and on your way to making others fall in love too.


Program Outline



How do I want to show up?

  • Week 1: Finding My Vocational Fulfillment  Vocational Clarity exercises: identifying strengths and areas that need support

  • Week 1: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 2: Appreciating My Multifaceted Identity  Alchemizing your trainings & experience, committing to a cohesive identity

  • Week 2: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 3: Defining My Heart-centered Legacy  Tapping into your "why," your vision, and your mission

  • Week 3: One-On-One 90-Minute Coaching Session


Who do I want to attract?

  • Week 4: Discovering My Resonance  Brand voice, intent versus impact, vulnerability and trust

  • Week 4: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 5: Baby, Say My Name  Calling your Ideal Client by name, creating a marketing avatar, and setting aside personal ego

  • Week 5: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 6: Creating Container & Culture Content guidelines, cultural values, vocabulary, curating aesthetic

  • Week 6: One-On-One 90-Minute Coaching Session


How do I position my brand?

  • Week 7: Leveraging Universal Narrative The power of archetype & universal meaning, connecting through story

  • Week 7: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 8: Setting The Tone Brand voice, intent versus impact, showing up as your aligned self, more

  • Week 8: Live Cohort Q&A

  • Week 9: Brand Intention Statement Unique Selling Proposition, client manifestation techniques, aligned marketing

  • Week 9: One-On-One 90-Minute Coaching Session

Week 10: Integration, Application, and Final Live Cohort Video Session


Important Program Dates

Program Begins: October 1, 2018

You are strongly recommended to attend live sessions, but video recordings will be emailed to you following each session.

LIVE Cohort Q&A Sessions are hosted Thursday afternoons @  4:30 pm PST:

Module 1: October 4th  |  October 11th  |  Your 1:1 coaching session is booked the week of October 15th

Module 2: October 25th  |  November 1st  |  Your 1:1 coaching session is booked the week of November 5th

Module 3: November 15th  |  November 29th   |  Your 1:1 coaching session is booked the week of December 3rd

Week 10: Final Cohort Video Session: December 12th @ 12:30 pm PST