Inspiring. Actionable. Paradigm-shifting. Whatcom County’s ONLY meetup dedicated 100% to brand development.

This group is facilitated from the Jade perspective of heart-centered brand building: one that emphasizes bringing mind and heart, strategy and synchronicity, into harmonic partnership. I openly and candidly address any and all questions that touch on brand management, helping members make actionable progress toward their goals and gain clarity on the tough, confusing crossroads that we often discover along the entrepreneurial path!

Please come prepared with your notebook, an open mind, and specific questions!

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Leader Block Wine Co & Eatery in Ferndale, WA

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About our meetup group

ALL levels of business are completely welcome, regardless of whatever "shape" your brand is in right now! This group has an open flow and completely flexible structure with facilitation by me. This is a space for those with a current struggle in their business and marketing projects, and also for folks with a desire to learn more about the work of brand development and what it can do for them.

Members bring their questions pertaining to:

How to leverage a shift your business model as an opportunity to preserve and even enhance your brand equity

How to build community around your brand in real and meaningful ways that grow referrals, trust, and customer loyalty

How to create credibility with an audience in practical ways through resources, free gifts, and collaboration

How to attract your Ideal Client, get out of the catch-22 of taking work you don't like, and how to craft offerings that solve a specific and defined problems

How to unify, streamline, and integrate multiple ideas to serve your brand's positioning strategy

Self-sabotage, procrastination, and overwhelm

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How I hold group space

This is a safe space to presence your failures, frustrations, and questions. I will provide gentle prompts and guidance from a coaching perspective that minimizes advice-giving while still allowing all members to share helpful tips. It is my firm belief that we all have an abundance of knowledge available to give, and likewise an abundance of knowledge to receive, and this group has grown into a well-loved container for innovative, collaborative folks to gather and share their wisdom with one another.

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What we talk about

Additional topics that are woven organically into every Meetup

Leveraging the Law of Attraction and other universal laws toward conscious, active co-creation of our desires and taking inspired action steps toward those desires

Practical strategies for cultivating brand equity and powerful daily actions to build momentum

How to transmute defeat and frustration into empowered forward movement

Strategies for building your personal brand to complement your business brand

Tips for getting out of social media "hustle mode" and drop into authentic connection

Vulnerability and emotional honesty in the online space without oversharing

Activating your brand voice, speaking from the heart, and finding the courage to be visible

Skills for practical decision-making that honor our values and also our goals for growth

Time management, time-blocking, and task management

Cultivating an abundance-based mindset and consciously rejecting scarcity-based ways of thinking

Identifying chronic under-earning, money mindset, pricing struggles, and the Profit First method

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I created this group because all great accomplishments begin first as ideas.

I know that sometimes, it's difficult to believe in your vision when it hasn't yet materialized: especially when you feel alone on your journey. If you do not have the funds to invest in a brand coach, THIS is the miracle opportunity you've been looking for to get free, high-caliber brand consult. Helping heart-centered folks make their maximum impact through meaningful brand is my life's work – nothing brings me greater joy than to share this transformative knowledge for free with YOU!

In gratitude for our connection,