I believe abundance follows win-win-win relationships: and that's what I desire for all of us.

The work of abundance is life-long for me. I am in constant relationship with my own money blocks, money trauma, my relationship to under-earning, and moving through that "glass ceiling" that so many of us women are conditioned into without our consent.

This inner work and mindset shift around abundance has caused me to conceptualize money in a completely different way. I can now imagine its scalability, and I view the flow of money not as a series of transactions of value but as a river with many inlets and outlets and tributaries. Sometimes I drink from this river, sometimes others drink. We all belong to this river, and this river belongs to us. It is our divine call to drink deeply of this river so that we can lead others to swim, dance, drink, and be renewed at her abundant shores.

My business was built and has been sustained solely by referral and through organic relationship-building in the online space. I cannot even express how MAGICAL it feels to know that I don't have to rely on paid advertising campaigns to find my people. You've found me. And through so many synchronistic messages and connections, I know this growth will continue.

At Jade, I teach that aligning to, attracting, and serving ONLY your Ideal Client is your primary strategy for building a business that you love, whether that means selling online workshops or 1:1 services. This Ideal Client isn't simply a fictional idea – she is a real life person, the exact woman that YOU are meant to serve, teach, and support in this lifetime. And SHE is meant to serve, teach, and support you. Creating what YOU want to see (and you only) will always be at the cornerstone of my growth & brand positioning strategy.

This brings me to my three-fold intention for the Jade Ambassador program.


My intention for the Jade Ambassador program

1 – To THANK YOU in a real, tangible way for the love and support you extend to me of this work. Money is a very practical way for me to thank you because  money supports us in creating and living a life we love.

2 – To continue to ATTRACT my Ideal Client by aligning with like-minded spiritual boss babes (like YOU!) who share my values and beliefs as a spiritual business owner embracing the feminine.

3 – To make my work ACCESSIBLE to more women by offering incredible, kick-ass discounts on the knowledge & encouragement she needs right now to cultivate a meaningful brand, make key mindset shifts, and facilitate the success of her business.

How to apply:

Please take your time completing the form on the bottom of this page.

I'll spend time in reflection reviewing your brand and feeling for an alignment between us.

We'll schedule a call to make sure we have a super-delicious chemistry, mutual values, and feel good about partnering up.

We'll take a couple days to reflect on our decision before moving forward together!

If we move forward, I'll request additional information about your business to complete your Ambassadorship. 

I'll issue you a gorgeously designed media kit optimized for Insta Stories, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your Jade Ambassadorship!

Throughout the month, all sales using your exclusive coupon code will be totaled up into one clear report.


The only thing I love more than practical magic is practical math (and really, money is magic!) so here's an example of how your 17% gift manifests:

Let's say over the course of a month, 20 people use your coupon code to receive half of the Archetypal Alchemy Quiz.

That is total sales value of $7 x 20 = $140. Your audience paid $3.50 for each quiz for a total revenue generated of $77.

Because I offer clients numerous ways to pay me, fees on my transactions range from 1.5% to 6% of each transaction. To keep this math simple, I will be absorbing all those fees.

I then will calculate 17% of the sales value of $140, which is $23.80. 

I'll mail you a physical check and a physical copy of that report detailing your gift!


See? It's a win-win-win!

Your Ambassadorship includes an exclusive discount code for 50% off these Jade offerings.


Archetypal Alchemy Quiz: b

rand magnetism on a soul level

My Archetypal Alchemy Quiz guides you in discovering SINGLE most key piece of knowledge you could ever attain for your brand or business – your archetypal identity. These 12 Archetypes reflect the highest level of brand positioning expertise in the industry. Bringing your brand into Archetypal Alignment activates these ancient storytelling lineages and universal human narratives in a BIG way. Trust me – you'll never do brand the same way again. Check out the Quiz here.


10 Day Brand Roadmap: a course in practical magick

The 10 Day Brand Roadmap guides you immersion-style through 10 days of profound brand alchemy teachings, combined with powerful self-reflective prompts to assist you in self-coaching through the material. With over 5 hours of video material, 9 worksheets, and 3 LIVE 90-minute cohorts sessions with me, the Roadmap is the best initiation possible into the world of cultivating brand magic. Check out the 10 Day Brand Roadmap here.

COMING september 2018 :


top-secret collaborative print book (stay tuned!!)


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