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Are you ready to fully leverage your expertise with a polished brand identity?

The Foundations experience is designed for the visionary woman looking for a comprehensive brand refresh.


In an age where your potential clients are flooded with choices, it is your responsibility to clearly communicate that you are the perfect match for their needs and desires. Through a seamless blend of brand development expertise and proven coaching methodology, you’ll emerge from this experience crystal clear on who you’re here for, why it matters, and how to communicate it in a way that resonates with your niche. My brand development framework is psychology-driven with an emphasis on brand archetypes and meaningful storytelling.


Logo design is often the subject of two contending points of view: your brand depends entirely on your logo, or a logo is a frivolous expense devoid of meaning. I advocate for a middle way: your logo is meaningful to the same extent that you are committed to advancing the authority and audience perception of your brand. You must be attuned to key metrics that will show you the measure of your brand’s success and recall: that’s why my approach is a collaborative one that will teach and coach you how to get the most out of this investment.


Nothing cheapens your expertise quite like a mediocre brand identity. A cohesive and polished brand platform is no longer an option – it’s a critical investment if you want your work taken seriously, both online and offline. In our design-driven information economy, it has been consistently demonstrated across industries that small and large businesses alike experience significant top-line revenue growth when well-architected brand standards are employed as a unifying force across all growth endeavors and marketing campaigns.

the process


Life Coaching Sessions to excavate your limiting or scarcity-driven beliefs and up-level your old paradigm

Brand Coaching Sessions to define your brand platform and align your brand identity to your core values

Brand Strategy Sessions to teach you how to leverage these new tools, stand out in your niche, and attract your Soul Clients

your deliverables

Vision manifest

Your Brand Positioning Document + Archetypal Style Guide

logo design

Mood Board + Logo Design in flexible formats

brand book

Clear standards for Brand Voice + Brand Visuals + Graphic Design

brand library

Mix + Match Visual Assets to support your Logo Design

marketing collateral

Business Card + Rack Card with custom graphics, copywriting, and specialty print options

social media refresh

Facebook + LinkedIn Visuals & All-new Copywriting

Your polished brand platform will fully leverage your expertise, personality, and values so you can earn more doing what you love.

I’m a Brand Development expert specializing in equipping visionary women to capitalize on who they are and what they offer through strategic brand positioning. I’ve worked with dozens of heart-centered clients to elevate their brands by defining their vision and mission, build credibility with their audiences, and magnetize their Soul Clients.

I’m the right-hand woman you’ve been looking for.


Let’s make 2019 your best year yet with a brand that truly positions you for success.

Investing in your brand is so much more than a business expense.

It’s a heart-level commitment to show up fully for yourself, your calling, and those you are meant to serve.

Why wait any longer to step into all you are meant to be?

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