Are you feeling unsure if you’re cut out to be a #spiritualbossbabe?

Do you find yourself lit up with incredible inspiration, only then to plummet into total self-doubt?

Does the comparison trap have your emotions in a claustrophobic grip?

Do you find yourself pulling back from your next great idea right before the point of commitment?

Do you desire to elevate your strengths and UP-LEVEL your brand… while enjoying the process?

I’ve been exactly where you are. You’re not alone.

I’m a Brand Development expert specializing in helping ambitious, heart-centered soulpreneurs capitalize on who they are and what they offer through strategic brand positioning. I’ve coached and guided dozens of high-power women 1:1 to identify, elevate, and communicate their brands to cut through the clutter, define their vision and mission, build credibility with their audiences, and easily magnetize their Soul Clients { while delighting in the process! }

This in-depth 1:1 work is the container where i discovered and defined these 5 heart-centered business styles.

I felt these insights were too delicious { and honestly, just downright spot-on!! } not to share.

This is your opportunity to discover – once and for all – that you DO have what it takes to fully own your holistic, multi-faceted identity as a badass #SpiritualBossBabe.

if you are…

Feeling unworthy of owning a beautiful business truly shaped to fit your desired lifestyle

Feeling inferior to the other boss babes rocking it on social media { aka, you are LOST in the daily scroll….}

Feeling overwhelmed by “all the things” you need to “be right now” in order to “make it” { limiting beliefs, babe! }

Feeling too close to your passion to see yourself clearly within it

Feeling adrift and unanchored in a sea of options but unable to discern what is your next right step

Feeling like all of your quirks are a liability, not an asset


But just to be safe, let’s make totally sure this is you.

You struggle to commit to your business: there’s always “something coming through,” there’s always tomorrow, next month, or next year, when the “timing will be right”

You may lean on manifestation as permission to excuse yourself from taking inspired, decisive, bold, imperfect action NOW

You desire to take big risks, be seen and show up, but can’t find the final courage to actually hit that “GO LIVE!” button in Instagram…. because of all those snarky limiting beliefs that have you doubting your greatness :(

You are caught in an unhealthy embodiment of the disempowered feminine, the woman who dreams and visions and imagines but never steps forward into her dreams with tangible action

If that hit a little too close to home, you’re in the right place. It’s decision time, babe.

You came to this earth, in this lifetime, for a special work, a particular community of clients, and a unique audience who needs to hear what you have to teach. This is sacred work: work that no one else can do. It's your vocation. Discovering your #SpiritualBossBabe Business Style gives you permission to be the exactly perfect woman you already are while uniting your intuitive feminine and your strategic masculine in powerful alchemical partnership in service of your brand.

This tool has helped over a hundred women own their identity as badass #SpiritualBossBabes as they say YES to decisive greatness and build meaningful, integrity-driven brands on & offline.

This quiz is hand-written by yours truly. Developed with robust software, the quiz allows me to strategically weight each answer to help guide you toward the #SpiritualBossBabe Business Style that you are in total 100% alignment. Every single one is absolutely GORGEOUS. It’s all designed to reflect back to you your innate strengths and gifts, while offering gentle guidance on how to cultivate creative flow, clarity, and confidence – so that you can show up with MORE energy and passion in your brand.

It’s time to cultivate the Soul Client Magnetism you were put here on earth to radiate.

Your Investment Includes:

Style Summary

{ A holistic overview of your #SpiritualBossBabe Business Style so you can clearly and immediately see the gift that only YOU can offer the world! }

Your #SpiritualBusinessBabe Motto

{ A lovely encapsulation of your vivacious personality into one handy mantra so you can write this truth into your spiritual DNA through daily affirmation }

Your Unique Strengths

{ YES… I am going to reflect all your incredible, juicy STRENGTHS you embody as a true #SpiritualBossBabe so you can be confident in building your brand and promoting your services! }

Your Blind Spot

{ A major insight on the double-edged sword of your Business Style so you can be empowered to set yourself up for success}

Your Brand Voice

{ A thoughtful reflection on your brand voice so you can continue to refine how you articulate your work from a holistic Brand Strategy perspective }

Your Brand Visuals

{ An analysis of how you are managing your brand’s aesthetic so you can enjoy key insights on how to cultivate more depth and Soul Client Magnetism within that space }

Your Customer Experience

{ Ah, a lovely affirmation of everything you’ve ALREADY been hearing from those clients who lovveeee your work so you can flow through each day with more confidence, self-appreciation, and self-trust }

Your Key to Finding Flow

{ Just HOW do you get to this elusive space of ease?! I share your unique key to finding flow as a #SpiritualBossBabe so you can more easily activate abundance, inspiration, and sustained energy in your practice }

Your Key to Finding Balance

{ We conclude with your key to finding deeper balance and joy in your work so you can UP-LEVEL your embodiment of your #SpiritualBossBabe Business Style in a massive way }

Your investment : $ 4 4

At the conclusion of the quiz, you’ll be redirected to purchase your beautiful #SpiritualBossBabe Business Style! So, my lovely, I invite you to grab a cup of tea and enjoy this beautiful exercise in self-discovery. And tag me on insta with your results!