What to do when you feel insecure about marketing your business: a practical self-coaching guide to limiting beliefs.

{ Brand } definition: the outer reflection of the inner work you do as you walk your vocational path.


BRAND begins within.

Brand can't be reduced to copywriting strategies, logo design, or your Instagram feed. Those are simply outer reflections of your intention: methods for expressing the meaning of your brand to your audience.

Many clients come to me to stuck in an endless cycle of frustration: they can't attract new clients because they don't have a strong brand, but they don't have a strong brand because they lack the clients. Often, their brands appear mediocre and muddy.

Maybe you're having a similar feeling: perhaps you feel deeply insecure about promoting your business because your brand looks, feels, and sounds so incomplete. Any time you sit down to work on a project for your business you feel totally overwhelmed and so confused about where to begin. Maybe you're asking yourself, "How am I EVER going to get new clients with my business looking this way?!?"

I'd love to ask you a different question.

Why does your brand look mediocre?

If your website is cumbersome and outdated, ask why you haven't refreshed it? You'll most likely say, "I don't have enough time."

I'm going to guide you in getting curious and serious through a simple and powerful self-coaching exercise. Ready?

The basic precept of coaching is that external problems are always mirrors for our internal blocks.

So, let's return to our original problem: not having the time to work on these big brand projects. Grounded in the knowing that asking yourself tough questions is an act of love, ask why you don't have the time. "Because I'm too busy." Perfect! Now, ask why you're too busy. "Because I have other priorities." Again, ask why those priorities take precedent over this one. "Because I know I am successful there." 


This is the internal block: a self-doubt that you can be successful here, in the space of cultivating a magnetic brand. This self-doubt is the root cause of your outdated website. Chances are, this block can also explain many other unfinished projects in your business as well. Naturally, we humans love to spend our time on things that make us feel successful and fulfilled. We love to stay in our comfort zone – even when that comfort zone is mediocrity. Sometimes, these blocks have been with us for so many years that they are simply comfortable.

Perhaps, you answered differently: maybe it's an internal block of scarcity that keeps you in a perpetual cycle of stress, struggle, and overload. Your block will be unique!

The good news is that blocks are our gifts. They show us what we need to see in order to become all we need to be for our vocation. Without these wake-up calls, we would never have the opportunity to do the robust inner work we're called to do.

So: what if this lack of brand mastery you feel stemmed from an internal block – not an intrinsic lack of competence or an external problem? What if everything in your business WAS under your control, right now in this moment, including the state of your brand?

Let's explore what happens when you choose to look at this block of self-doubt head-on from an empowered, proactive perspective.

You invite your self-doubt to sit with you for a moment. Perhaps you take her into meditation or into somatic practice. As you feel these old, heavy emotions about your lack coming up and rushing through your mind and body, you consciously choose to root into the truth of who you know you are. You acknowledge this self-doubt as real and legitimate. You hold space for yourself and witness your struggle with the empathic perspective of a close friend. You allow yourself to FEEL it all without turning away. This is a very real aspect of your shadow self: and it's only by coming into relationship with her that you can move forward in your business.

YOU have the power to transmute your internal blocks into incredible personal power.

You know the truth that you are an innate Creatrix; capable of manifesting anything you desire, deeply connected to Source energy and the Divine.

You know the truth that these methods of avoidance are attached to old habits of self-preservation. You've grown beyond, and these old coping mechanisms are no longer serving you.

You know the truth that in order for you to have what you say you want in your business, you have to take brave, bold steps forward to get there.

You know the truth that in order for your audience to show up for your brand, you need to lead the way by showing up for your brand FIRST – with commitment, enthusiasm, and transparency.

Suddenly, the appearance of your business online becomes your responsibility to actively cultivate rather than an excuse for lack of progress.

But something even more magical happens: CLARITY starts flowing effortlessly because this internal block is no longer standing in the way of your creative inspiration.

You begin taking empowered, decisive action because your next step is just simply obvious.

You begin actively choosing to end old habits and establish new self-affirming rituals to set yourself up for success.

You begin marketing your business and services with enthusiasm because you can clearly see how beautiful your work actually is.

You begin having all kinds of ideas for new offerings and time organically manifests in perfect timing to make your website a priority.

I'm sharing all this because I want you to feel good about your brand. I want you to feel LIT-UP about your business and inspired by the incredible work you have to offer the world.

It's so much easier to blame the lack of polish in our Instagram feeds, lack of followers, or an outdated website for our lackluster business. These are all EXTERNAL problems. These are all ways that we point outside ourselves to justify our lack of action: to procrastinate on what we know we are called to launch, to censor what we know we need to say, or to hide behind our screens and avoid visibility at all costs.

I invite you to sink into this juicy self-coaching exercise. Give it as much time as you need, but commit to showing up – maybe even daily – to unpack your block little by little.

I am totally confident that on the other side of your current struggle, you will find confidence, clarity, and creative flow washing over you in delightful abundance.

In love,