How to combine Intuition, Intention, and Inspired Action to create more synchronicity in your business and magnetism in your brand.

Every since stepping fully into my vocation at Jade, I have been privileged with synchronicity after synchronicity. My connections have become like constellations, and I am more connected than ever before to hundreds of amazing souls. Jade has become a magnet for heart-centered folks choosing to build meaningful brand and market themselves with integrity in the online space.

I'm that person who believes every single successive synchronicity is the MOST AMAZING ONE EVER. You know – the person who reads SO many books, but "THIS ONE is my favorite!!" Yeah, I'm kind of that girl.

That said, FOR REAL THOUGH, this synchronicity is the MOST AMAZING ONE EVER. Literally, after this happened, I shouted “MAGIC IS REAL!!!”

I'm going to share with you this synchronicity, and then track it backward to show you the doorways that open when you take action to rise to these special opportunities.

In preparation for my next 10 Day Brand Roadmap launch, I decided to give away a free enrollment. This was a significant gift of $272, so it was important to me that I approached this giveaway with deep intentionality and care. As a local business, it felt right to create an alchemical blend of participants: inviting both my Insta community and my local community to enter.

The Mind Body Spirit Fair was coming up (one of my favorite days of the WHOLE YEAR!!) so I brought my special antique glass vase from the studio and collected entries for the giveaway. The Mind Body Spirit Fair is a precious gathering of healers from all walks of life, hosted in a sacred woodland setting by the Center for Spiritual Living, a local congregation that honors all life-affirming paths to God.

It was at this special fair that I met Forrest. He was SO enthralled with my work, and hesitantly asked, “Is this only for women?”

I responded instantly, “This work is for anyone interested in bringing their feminine into alchemical partnership with their masculine. This work deals with energetic principles and ideological embodiment, we go way deeper than gender.”

He GRINNED; entered the giveaway, and I felt absolutely elated to see, finally, the Divine Feminine activated in the hearts of men. 😭


When the day of the giveaway arrived, I had collected 18 entries. 18 people who said YES, the 10 Day Brand Roadmap is FOR ME. During the live Instagram giveaway, I set the intention that whoever received this gift would receive it in perfect timing and synchronicity, that taking this course would be in their highest good, that this would be a financial blessing and provide the pathway for the exact breakthrough they needed in their vocational process. 🌚

It was the day of the longest lunar eclipse in a century AND happening on the heels of retrograde. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast as I shuffled the deck.

There was NO doubt: the winning card had an undeniable weight in my hand. Forrest, the first and only man – literally EVER – to be interested in Jade won this $272 gift. The forces of synchronicity and destiny magnetized this brother’s card to my palm.

When I reached out to Forrest, he shared that this event was an enormous confirmation of his personal path and arrived in PERFECT timing.


So... let's walk this synchronicity backward.

How did I end up at the Mind Body Spirit Fair? How did I have the 10 Day Brand Roadmap developed, ready for Forrest to find and connect with?

Back when I was freelancing, I consistently attracted a particular kind of client: women in the fields of healing, helping, and empowerment. Women looking for a consultant who approached the work of brand from a space of integrity and heart alignment. 

I met one such woman in dire straits with her brand, and stepped into help. I stepped in for free, because I felt called, and that ONE heart-centered response turned into a lengthy, profitable client relationship.

This client SO deeply believed in my work that she wanted to see me participate in the Mind Body Spirit Fair as a vendor – even though, traditionally, the fair has been reserved for healers.

My client explained that there WAS a healing component to my work because I bring women into relationship with their brand, and therefore vocation, in a deep and restorative way.

It didn't take long for the anxiety to kick in. I was SO nervous. Huge, innumerable doubts and self-sabotaging questions began to surface immediately – I don't belong there, with these incredible people. What right do I have to be among mystics and healers doing such practical work? What if everyone feels I don't fit? What if the other vendors are upset that I'm there? What if the fair staff realizes they made a mistake? What if all of the fair visitors don't know what to make of me?

But I KNEW I was called to be at this fair. I could FEEL deep within my body that submitting my application was the right choice. And guess what?

I was accepted. 

But being accepted presented a whole other problem. I'd been planning on launching the Jade brand soon, but it literally NOTHING was ready. I didn't even have an INKLING of the typeface I would use for the brand, much less what my logo would look like. I'd arrived on the name only a few weeks prior.

Inside, my little demons of doubt ravaged my plan with questions: what the hell was I thinking, committing to this MASSIVE event where I didn't belong, without a brand, presenting as a brand expert?!

But I wasn't thinking: I was knowing. I was trusting in the synchronicity as it unfolded. I KNEW that Jade was ALREADY a complete concept: she just hadn't arrived in the physical world yet. And brand is about so much more than what we look like on the outside: brand is about how we show up energetically and how we make others feel.

It was my responsibility to rise to the call of synchronicity and birth the Jade brand into being. Not "then," not "later," not "if," but NOW.

Within just two weeks, I pulled together a name change, wordmark, a totally updated aesthetic, and entirely new marketing collateral in full trust. That hot July day in 2017 was THE DAY that I formally launched the Jade brand. It was the day that I stood my tallest yet in this beautiful work and bravely presented what I had to offer the work.

The lesson?

Synchronistic opportunity must be met with strategic, heart-centered action in order to affect transformational change in your life, brand, and business.

So – let's fast-forward to THIS July of 2018, THIS year's Mind Body Spirit Fair a few weeks ago.

Again, I had doubts. What if no one is interested in the 10 Day Brand Roadmap? What if the fairgoers are looking for divine healing experiences, and find me instead? What if this offering is positioned all wrong? What if no one wants a Roadmap and they want a "Potion"?

With my coaching experience, I could recognize how irrational these fears were. I'd already had a divine experience at this fair. I had already "proven concept" and taken a lovely cohort of women through the Roadmap with rave reviews!

Recognizing another opportunity to step into the fullness of my vocation, I headed to the Mind Body Spirit Fair. This is where I met Forrest.

If it hadn't been for my initial bravery in cold emailing that special client, I would've missed out on thousands of dollars in revenue and an amazing relationship.

If it hadn't been for my faith in the sacred nature of building brand and the work I do, I would've disregarded her recommendation to apply for the fair.

If it hadn't been for my determination to make the impossible happen, I would've missed out on revealing my all-new brand to a loving, local community at the BEST event I could ever ask for.

And if it hadn't been for listening to that nudge of faith in developing the 10 Day Brand Roadmap itself, promoting it and designing it and recording HOURS of video content alone – I would've missed out on gifting something incredible to Forrest, in perfect timing for his vocational path. 

And guess what? That's my side of the story. The fact that Forrest found ME is just as synchronistic: this is how the magic of connection works.

When we step boldly into our vocation, we set into motion entirely new constellations of events. Through our decision-making agency, we possess a magical capacity to influence the mathematical probabilities the Universe sets before us.

So, I have a challenge for you.

How can you step more fully into the radiance of your vocation today?

Where are you wallowing in self-doubt, "waiting" for the perfect synchronicity – blocking the flow of possibility the universe wants to give you because of your inaction?

My Creatrix lovebug, it is TIME to transmute self-doubt into personal power.

It's time to say YES! to synchronistic opportunity, trusting yourself to rise to the occasion exactly as needed, full of grace and divine inspiration.

The prerequisite for becoming a master in the principles of Brand Magnetism is to develop the vision to see the magick of synchronicity in your everyday life.

This week, set the intention to notice every tiny synchronicity that comes your way. Don't let any magic slip by without your recognition of it and gratitude for it. This practice is the training ground for cultivating the bigger networks of possibility, the more advanced constellations of synchronicity, that will support you in manifesting a life, business, and brand you love.

Forrest is all in – trusting synchronicity and living his vision.

Are you in, babe?