Brand Resonance Case Study, Part 1: How the Jade Consulting logo was developed in partnership with over 60 women personally invested in my brand.

As a brand development consultant, guiding my clients toward achieving Brand Resonance is always my most fundamental objective. This is a long journey through the first three stages of Brand Development: Awareness, Recognition, and Equity. To fully understand how significant the story of the all-new Jade Consulting logo is, it is necessary to understand what Brand Resonance means.

This concept is at the very TOP of the Brand Development pyramid. Brand Resonance is defined as the relationship, the emotional bond between consumer and brand. Like every other aspect of brand development, the degree of resonance correlates to the intensity of this connection: ideally, the brand will be so well-loved and well-recognized that is quickly identifiable “in the wild,” or “out of context.” This is a heart-level bond, a psychological connection that becomes subconscious and emotional rather than purely cognitive.

This is the stage that I refer to in my brand coaching practice as Brand Magick. This is actual audience alchemy. The development of this genuine relationship known as Brand Resonance elevates a brand from a two-dimensional first impression of one’s business and into a three-dimensional container of meaning. Within this container, the experience of the client is centered: the most relevant, important, sacred element of the brand’s identity.

Here’s why my accomplishment in reaching this space is an incredible thing.

The Jade Consulting brand has only been in existence since July of 2017. Because I’ve been working full-time developing the brands of my clients, Jade has gotten along with a reasonable but unassuming wordmark, little more than a simple sans-serif face supported by two nested triangles. The look and feel was apt, but very limited, but gave me a spacious palette within which to explore the depth of the brand I was building over the long term.

Although I am a designer by trade, I decided to partner with the immensely talented Hannah Garretson of Give Ten Co. for the development of this mark. Hannah designed three absolutely BREATHTAKING concepts, each with a clear rationale.

When I sat with these completed marks, I realized that I had a beautiful opportunity before me to really acknowledge, and celebrate the close emotional bond my girls had with Jade.

This emotional bond was something that I had been feeling very strongly on an intuitive level for several months. It was this extra element of alchemy ever-present in my business, this delicious superpower that fueled me behind the scenes when the going got tough.

Jade has been 100% dedicated to equipping heart-centered women in business with tangible brand mastery skills since it’s original inception in 2016. Babes, that’s YOU. Jade has ALWAYS been only and fully about the furtherance and support of your Sacred Work in the world. My mission is to elevate women in business by reframing brand strategy from a perspective that honors the feminine values of community and collaboration.

With the ascension of the Jade brand into the stage of actual resonance, I was basically covered in goosebumps.

I was determined to find a way to honor all the love, faith, and passion my clients have invested in Jade – and even women with whom I’ve never worked with one-to-one, but who have cheered me on from afar, attended events, and witnessed the transformation in their biz besties and friends.

In short, I wanted to reframe my role in the Jade brand, to step into a space of stewardship and leadership that intentionally made space for my audience to directly communicate their reflection of my work and my brand.

I’ve always had the sense that Jade was truly her own Being, an identity that I have the privilege of representing at this stage in my business, but fundamentally part of a narrative that goes far beyond my lifetime and my existence.

So, I submitted all three of Hannah’s stunning concepts to my inner circle of Creatrix women via a simple Typeform. I asked FIVE questions { seriously, this is how amazing my girls are } and I received 24 completed questionnaires.

These five questions were designed to help me gauge two factors:

1 - How effective had my brand positioning efforts been over the last year? I was specifically concerned with three points of my positioning:

  • My vision of teaching heart-centered women to bring their intuitive feminine into alchemical partnership with the strategic masculine. This would be demonstrated through the integration of both organic and geometric forms.

  • My archetypal embodiment of the Sorceress and my ascension to the highest level of that Brand Archetype through consistent, intentional messaging over the course of a year and a half through a huge spectrum of community events hosted at the studio, email marketing to my newsletter list, and cultivation of my Instagram community.

  • My value of activating potentiality and flow in every place the Jade brand shows up. Jade as a crystal represents clarity, growth, and abundance: the final mark should feel deeply aligned to the energy of this crystal. A hint of magic should be present for the invested viewer, a little bonus meaning.

2 - Do these designs reflect the relationship my audience feels with this brand?

  • Jade is synonymous with excellence, nearly to the point of perfection. Precision, balance, and harmony were critical.

  • Jade is synonymous with polished professionalism. The mark needed to reflect the way I carry myself as a brand ambassador.

  • Jade is synonymous with intentionality and care. The mark needed to feel deeply connected to the feminine aspect of the way I handle my client relationships.

To further underscore how incredible of a brand resonance case study this truly is, the questionnaire took over an average of two minutes to complete. That is an IMMENSE donation of time.

After my first wave of responses via email, the feedback had created a dead tie on two of the three designs. I sent out a friendly reminder email to those who hadn’t responded to the first round and received another handful of responses.

I also created a series of voting frames and published them to my Insta stories – adding another staggering 3 dozen votes from my girls, many with additional bits of rationale, opinion, and helpful reflections, demonstrating the incredible generosity, faith, and heart of this incredible niche of women. { Seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky as to call you Creatrix lovebugs mine }

The results were VERY clearly shifting in a particular direction – and now, I had to make perhaps the most difficult call one has to make in this industry: integrating the invested feedback of my community with my long-range vision for the Jade Consulting brand.

{ Part 2 coming soon }