5 Tips for Curating An Unforgettable Brand: Practical, daily strategies for building a heartfelt connection with your audience.

I’ve got a confession to make: I am a weekend getaway junkie.

This Libra loooovvves some dark chocolate and a bubble bath in a cottage by the sea. I love walking into a fabulous experience curated for me by thoughtful hosts: with every detail thought through and my every need attended to, I can rejuvenate and enjoy my home away from home.

Think back to the dreamiest weekend getaway you’ve ever experienced. What made it so fantastic?

The sights. The sounds. The BED OMG. The hospitality. The privacy. The amenities. IT WAS JUST ALL SO PERFECT. The complementary strawberries that you bit into the shapes of tiny little lady bits (What can I say, it was the wine) Chances are, the most memorable getaway happened in a space designed for you to drop deep into relaxation and enjoy everything the locale had to offer you.

A beautifully curated brand is like a weekend getaway for your Dream Client.

Here are 5 tips for curating a memorable brand identity that your Dream Client will never forget.

1. Speak with clarity and conviction about your work.

Whenever it’s time for a weekend getaway, the first step is research! I want more than a “self-serve continental breakfast.” I’m looking for “a delectable, unforgettable array of sweet and savory breakfast treats prepared with love by your new favorite foodies!” Which description is more compelling?

When we know what we’re offering and why it’s a fantastic experience, we naturally use more specific and impassioned language. This is called your Brand Voice, and it starts with diving deep into your inner why: what do you, on a heart-level, provide your Dream Client? What kind of vocabulary and tone best supports your message?

Speaking with a strategically defined Brand Voice shows your Dream Client that you are confident in the value of your work and the results you provide.

2. Present yourself honestly.

Imagine walking up to your beautiful beach-front cottage. Ah, it’s so adorable!! The front porch is full of wind chimes and kitschy little things with a rattan front door mat. You excitedly open the front door, and the interior is totally western themed. Like, John-Wayne-Dallas-cowboy, with a massive leather couch in the middle of it. Where am I?!!

When the experience of the actual product or service doesn’t align to the brand’s positioning, your Dream Client will feel just as out of place as you would at this beachfront bungalow. The look and feel of your brand should mirror the actual experience of working with you in order for your brand’s positioning to effortlessly magnetize your Dream Client. If you exude enthusiasm and desire passionate clients, get bold with splashes of bright color!

Presenting yourself honestly shows your Dream Client that you resonate with them, are comfortable in your own skin, and ready to connect with them on a heart level.

3. Commit to your look and feel.

After a few moments on the bizarre leather couch, you decide it’s time for a beachy cocktail. You turn the corner into the little kitchenette, and blink again. Everything in this kitchen is upscale urban – sleek, minimal lines, Euro design, white marble and octagonal glassware.

This kind of disorienting experience is common when folks commission work with multiple designers or jump on every new design fad. It’s important to keep your brand vibe consistent: color palette, typography choices, visual language, and Instagram filters should all be curated intentionally. Don’t allow the comparison trap to steal your originality! Keep to your aesthetic and your vibe.

Commitment to your look and feel shows your Dream Client that you are proud of the brand you’ve built and believe in the intrinsic value of your sacred work.

4. Invest in a Visual Language to support your Logo.

You return to the living room with your cocktail. As you wander, observing every detail, the place starts to win you over. Vintage postcards, old cowboy gear, lovingly-rendered oil paints of horses in all their power and wild magnificence – someone has put this together with a lot of thought.

Your Visual Language includes custom iconography, those custom-designed Instagram story covers all your favorite content creators have rolled out, and little bonus graphic design bits. This Visual Language helps establish the look and feel of your brand by echoing the design of your logo. It makes your brand feel integrated, immersive, and unforgettable.

A beautiful Visual Language shows your Dream Client that you deeply care about the smallest details of their desires, concerns, and needs.

5. Hire a brand designer to plan your Identity System professionally.

The big leather couch makes the little bungalow feel even smaller. You stub your toe on the corner of the wardrobe on the way to the window bench. Chances are, the homeowners DIY’d most of the interior rather than hiring a contractor to plan how the placement of that wardrobe could best interface with your desired beachfront view.

The Ideal Identity System is built to sustain the future growth of your brand and business. As such, it is both flexible and specific: allowing you plenty of space to play while also providing clear parameters for typography, color palette, and logo iterations. The best Brand Identity Systems are designed to be mix-and-match friendly, so you can put together all the future product launches, email campaigns, podcast episodes, branded Instagram memes, and ebooks your lil Creatrix heart desires while always being “on brand.”

A cohesive presentation shows your Dream Client that you want to show up as your best, most lit up & aligned self for them!

Wondering where to begin?

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