3 Reasons Why Your Logo Is Not Your Brand: Understanding the role your logo plays in distilling your brand identity.

It’s taken countless hours, many long days of reflection, and maybe even WEEKS of thought and collaboration… but you FINALLY have a LOGO to represent your gorgeous, sacred work.

Hang on, babe! Don’t check “branding” off your list of empire-building steps quite yet.

Here’s three key mindset shifts to make in your understanding of brand.

{ 1 } Your logo isn’t the whole story.

Your logo is the juicy prologue to your entire brand story.

Just as you are more than the clothes you wear, your brand is MORE than your logo. Of course, our clothing communicates a lot about us – and that’s why we spend so much time intentionally curating the things we own! The colors, patterns, and origin of the pieces we wear are reflections of who we are and what we value.

Your logo is just a little teaser of the complexity and deep meaning that is your brand story. It is your logo’s responsibility to distill this story into one visual symbol, one touchpoint, and to tease your visitor to journey into the depths of your brand with you.

{ 2 } Your logo isn’t holistic.

Your logo is one element of a consciously curated identity.

Just as it’s upsetting to be judged based on one aspect of your personality, your logo desires to be considered alongside all other elements in your identity system. For example, the way I style a turquoise pendant will be completely different than the way you style it – the piece becomes unique to me through my outfit and the way I carry myself as I wear it.

Your logo is one absolutely key component of a bigger system of meaning. In order for your logo to communicate your holistic brand identity as effectively as possible, it must be supported by an intentionally curated combination of visual standards, values, mission, vision, and clear messaging.

{ 3 } Your logo isn’t the relationship.

Your logo is a sacred container for the meaning you share with your audience.

We connect to one another on an emotional level, and sharing colors, culture, and style can be a powerful way to initiate that connection. But chances are, we’ve met lots of people who seem like potential friends – and yet we just “don’t click.” We were expecting a deeper connection, but things just feel flat.

Similarly, your logo is the visual language that makes that initial connection for you. An effective logo will immediately resonate with your Dream Client on a soul-level. But if that profound connection isn’t supported by a clear brand story, mission, and passion, your brand will feel shallow and be immediately forgotten on the next scroll!

If your brand is at a surface-level of meaning, you will attract surface-level clients.

Soul-level brands attract your Soul Clients – those who are meant to work with you and only you in this lifetime.

If you’re lacking depth in your brand, here are three reflection questions for you.

  1. What story am I writing as I build this business? What narrative themes give this whole experience meaning that goes beyond my life?

  2. How does my perspective on this work fundamentally transform its significance?

  3. What feeling do my people most desire?

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