Your Mid-Career Shift: 3 Inspiring Tips to encourage you along the way

Anyone close to me will tell you that I’m often so deep in a stack of books that I forget to pop up from time to time and observe socioeconomic trends in 21st century America – so I was totally fascinated when I’d already observed this one in my own business before discovering it online!

Put simply, here’s the trend: my brand coaching & consultation practice has been fueled by women who come to me for a wholly new brand platform while in the midst of significant transitions.

These are transitions happening on the personal front – major shifts in identity, family milestones, marriages, divorce, cross-country moves. These are also transitions happening on the business front – new opportunities, a book launch, a renovation in business model, a major increase in rights, a deepening into one specific niche or market segment.

Turns out, the women who come to Jade Consulting are part of a cultural, woman-led movement known as the “mid-career shift.”

A mid-career shift is the strategic move from one type of work to another within one industry, or even between related industries, after accumulating 10 or more years of experience in your current capacity.

Women who make this shift report their primary motivators as increased flex-time and total creative freedom. These powerhouse women are rejecting the idea of “sacrifice” handed down to them by society, consciously cultivating a business that abundantly allows for “both and” rather than “either or,” integrating lifestyle and personal desires with their lifetime earning potential.

While Gen X women are popularizing the mid-career shift, there is no age limit to this phenomenon.

With women like Yasmina Rossi popularizing the beauty of aging in pop culture, helping affirm the innate wisdom, worth, and vibrancy of women that will always be timeless – there has truly never been a better time to capitalize on the expertise that comes with years of hard-won life experience.

The mid-career shift is a movement that dares to redefine the previously expected boundaries of women in the workplace. It’s pioneered by women who have cut their teeth in often male-dominated industries, fought their way to the other side, and have the audacity to stand on their own two feet with absolute surety and professionalism – and they’ve got the scars, the CV’s, and the track record to prove it.

I’ve always loved the down-to-earth, results-driven attitude of Gen X women. This hilariously dry and cheeky article aptly sums up the way many folks of this generation have stayed focused on their core values amidst a technological frenzy while simultaneously buffeted by political hyperbole.

Brand isn’t about how you look online or offline – it’s about how you show up and impact the room. Defining your brand is about bringing key details into a clear, harmonious message that signals to others what you are and are not available for.

This philosophy is what sets the Jade perspective of brand development apart.

Using proven coaching methodologies, I lead my clients in totally renovating their mindset so they enter this next phase of their career prepared with a whole new paradigm as their highest-caliber, next-level selves.

Using established brand strategy and visual communications principles, I transmute these personal discoveries into a comprehensive plan for renovating or curating their brand platform to build credibility with their audience, elevate their brand equity, and enable them to consistently command higher prices.

If you are in the midst of a mid-career shift, here’s a few tips:

  • Get quiet and pause to envision your ideal outcome. How will this career shift serve your personal joy, self-development, fulfillment, and longevity? How will you measure the success of your pivot?

  • Get honest about the kind of energy this will take. How can you execute this move strategically? What sacrifices are required, and are they sustainable?

  • Analyze what kind of support you need to get to your goal. How can you ensure all aspects of your life are fully supported – mental, professional, emotional, physical, and financial?

For many women across America, a mid-career shift has provided the creative freedom and flexibility they’ve desired to step into the fullness of their sacred work and destiny.

If you’re on the cusp of such a move, know that I will always be here to offer both mindset and brand strategy support as you move forward!