5 Tips for Crafting + Pricing Your Irresistible Signature Service Offer

One of the questions I receive most frequently in my brand coaching practice is this one: Brooke, how do I create an offer from my a la carte services? How should I price it?

Here’s 5 helpful DIY tips to help you craft an offer that is elegantly organized, irresistible to your Soul Clients, and in integrity with your deepest truth and desires for your work and career.

1 - Know how to describe your offer in two-three sentences.

Yup - it really needs to be THIS SIMPLE! You should be able to express your offer in clear, defined terms that allow potential clients to easily make a decision about whether or not this offer is in their best interest. You offer should be expressed in three simple elements.

  • How your offer is delivered { How will I learn from you and how will I access the information? 1:1, mastermind, membership portal }

  • What your offer does { What results can I expect? Where will I end up as a result of this process together? }

  • Who your offer serves { Is this the perfect fit for me? Have people just like me experiences success and results? }

Focus on clearly communicating these three aspects in every place you publish, market, and share your offer to make sales easy, fun, and enjoyable.

2 - Know how to differentiate between context and content.

People invest in emotions and experiences. People invest in end results. No matter how beautiful your offer is, if you are asking your potential client to “just trust me” on the results, or to “just trust the process,” selling your offer will be more difficult than if you consistently underscore the results you provide.

  • Context is HOW you do, the process that gets a client to their result.

  • Content is WHAT you do, the substance of the experience and the actual discussions you have.

Process is important: but the POINT of the process is what you are actually selling. When folks can see, feel, and know that you understand their need at a heart and soul level, they will be completely and totally willing to trust your process – whatever that may be!

Focus on providing a clear and defined process that folks can feel comfortable trusting: and leave it at that. As a practitioner and an expert, you understand your craft on a deeper level than anyone else. The minutia of how you do what you do can often overwhelm new clients who are stepping outside their comfort zone to trust you.

Be consistent in explaining how the context of the offer works with the client’s unique content to create the desired result.

3 - Know that your price is a reflection of energy invested and commitment made, not money spent.

Here are some frequent questions I get from clients when they are in the beginning stages of pricing their offer:

  • Is this price too high? Is it too low?

  • What if someone wants to work with me and then changes their mind when they hear the price? How can I be more confident when I tell someone my prices?

  • What if I want to do a sliding scale instead of having real prices?

All of these are super legitimate, and often perplexing, questions! The key mindset shift to make here is to understand that there is no such thing as a high or low price. Money is always and only a reflection of the energy invested in the offer AND the level of commitment that both parties bring to the table.

For this reason, I cannot tell you what is an appropriate price is for your offer – but I can give you a helpful exercise for uncovering your perfect price today.

Once you’ve developed your offer, open a fresh page in your journal…

  • On the left page, write down a number that feels just barely too low. You’d be a little irked if you were only paid this little. Journal: if I was paid this little, how would I show up for the work? How would my client show up for the work? What negative self-concepts arise, and are they legitimate? How can I alchemize these limiting beliefs?

  • On the right page, write down a number that feels just barely too high. You’d be uneasy to think of being paid this much. Journal: if I was paid this much, how would I show up for the work? How would my client show up for the work? What fears arise, and are they legitimate? What is holding me back from charging this much?

Your ideal number is in the middle of these two extremes. I recommend checking in several times a year to see how you’ve grown and evolved with these numbers!

A side note on sliding scales: I personally find sliding scales to be a beautiful, profoundly aligned way to offer your services that balances accessibility with integrity around self-provision. If you choose to go this route, use this exercise to help determine the polarity of your own sliding scale. It is critical that clients who pay at BOTH ends of the spectrum get the same caliber of service from you: be honest with yourself if you can hold this kind of space financially while still serving at your highest level.

humans are not static, and neither is our relationship with the medium of money as it ebbs and flows to and from us.

4 - Know the true, essential essence of what you want to provide.

Define 1-3 words that clearly communicate your full intention for this offer. For example, if you want your offer to activate a feeling of “limitlessness” in your clients, you may want to choose a structure for the offering that allows for total flexibility to meet them where there at. If you want a client to feel “grounded,” a clearly defined learning path with concrete modules may be most effective.

These three words should:

  • Make you feel incredible lit up and inspired about the offer

  • Resonate with your Ideal Client at a soul and heart level

  • Clearly differentiate your offer from similar or competing offers

These words are your filter for every single thing you do to share, promote, or explain this offer, including how you design the context and content.

5 - Know it is safe to speak from your heart.

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again here – strategy without soul is a one-dimensional way to do business. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, as a lightworker, you lead with your heart: and that’s just perfect! Give yourself ample time and space to integrate these tips, and make them your own in a way that sings to your soul so that you show up 100% in all your marketing efforts!

You are here for a unique work in a unique lifetime: only you can define what it means to walk in integrity with your deepest truth along the path of your Sacred Work.


In joy always,