Creatrix, your initiation into brand alchemy begins now.



Archetypal Alchemy provides a cohesive, flexible framework for you to build your brand with confidence, clarity, and soul in a way that magnetizes your Soul Clients.

free brand archetypes masterclass

In this action-packed hour of teaching, I teach….

Why brand in 2018 is about the management of meaning - not perception
What a Brand Archetype actually is { and is not! }
The incredible history of Brand Archetypes & the two women who pioneered the study of them
Why design-first branding is fundamentally inferior to psychology-driven branding { and could be the major reason you are getting zero traction with your brand right now }
How Archetypal Brand Positioning works in actuality { getting practical! }
Ethics: the importance of integrity when activating and leveraging your Brand Archetype to speak to your Soul Clients

Ready? Here’s how Archetypal Alchemy works

  1. Click ‘START’ to initiate the robust Discovery Tool below.

  2. Enjoy all five thoughtful questions as this proprietary tool discovers your authentic Brand Archetype.

    3. You will be immediately redirected to your unique Archetypal Alchemy Spell.

What is Archetypal Alchemy all about?

It’s time to stop hiding, wondering, and doubting your greatness. It’s time to begin effortlessly manifesting the Soul Clients who are WAITING to meet you right now.

I want you to ACTIVATE...





and FLOW.

I want you to SAY YES to...

Intuition + Strategy in partnership.

This is why, for the first time ever, I have transmuted my 1:1 expertise into an accessible online tool called Archetypal Alchemy… Available to a select group of decisive women for THIS WEEK ONLY.

You already know that I specialize in helping ambitious, heart-centered solopreneurs capitalize on who they are and what they offer through strategic brand positioning. I’ve worked with dozens of high-powered women one-on-one to identify, elevate, and communicate their brands to cut through the clutter, define their vision and mission, build credibility with their audiences, and easily magnetize their Soul Clients { while delighting in the process! }

Whether or not you’re ready to work with me 1:1, I ALSO want YOU to be SURE of your long-term results WHILE you're consciously building your brand. I want you to feel inspired, empowered, and equipped.

GIRL: real talk. Today, the barrier to entry to starting a business is lower than ever. In 2018, folks are throwing up "brands" left and right. Without Archetypal Alchemy, you will quickly become lost in a sea of folks who *appear: be doing similar things.

Without Archetypal Alchemy, you can continue to...

Continue stressing over a million marketing projects at concurrently  

{ without any idea how they serve your brand's positioning over the long term }

Continue churning out content for social at a million miles an hour  

{ without writing anything truly distinguishable in your brand voice }

Continue battling severe self-doubt and imposter syndrome 

{ without the support of an identity that anchors you to a story bigger than yourself }

Continue struggling to differentiate yourself or only moderately standing out in your niche 

{ without the wellspring of inspiration that comes through connection to your soul-matched brand archetype }

Continue trying to keep up with a patchwork quilt of the latest and greatest marketing strategies 

{ without the confidence that if all else fails, your brand is built on timeless, evergreen principles of brand development }

THE BEST PART is that you don't have to take my word for it. I've got girls left and right who love what I do.

Archetypal Alchemy has received fantastic marks from over a dozen women who tested it in its beta stages: NOW, it's totally ready to kick-ass with you.

Let me be real: I LOVE to reward decisive ladies who choose to make their dreams reality.

By reading this page, by simply by being in the Jade community, I KNOW that you are a badass. I know that you're serious about making your dream business happen. That's why the first 5 ladies who purchase Archetypal Alchemy are enjoying a FREE 30 minute Clarity Consult with me... that's a $72 value, for free, because you said YES.

THIS IS why Archetypal Alchemy is a totally exclusive offer at a truly awesome price.

This is the knowledge that women pay me thousands to discover in a 1:1 context with them. I am choosy with who I give access to this method to because, as I taught in our Brand Archetypes Masterclass, leveraging your Brand Archetype comes with a soul commitment to ethics as you build a truly customer-centric brand.

So, what's included?

I've designed this product to ensure that you receive the BEST experience possible. Here's how it works:

>>>> You get access to my signature Discovery Tool, a hand-crafted analysis that uncovers your soul-matched Brand Archetype. These results have been literally perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME and I stand by the recommendation 100%.

>>>> You receive your Archetypal Alchemy Spell, a custom guide to all the juicy goodness you've ever wanted to know *and* how to integrate this magic into your brand now.

I've curated your Archetypal Alchemy Spell so that you have everything you need to get started right away with tangible, actionable steps and serious knowledge.

You'll receive:

The Aspects of Your Archetypal Identity

{ so you can understand your archetype as a personified identity moving through the world in her own unique way }

The Levels of Your Archetypal Expression

{ so you can strategize exactly how to attract your highest-caliber Dream Client, and which caliber of client for which level of your offerings }

A Guide to Understanding the Mechanics of Archetypal Brand Positioning 

{ so you can refer back to a practical, actionable, evergreen guide to stay on track and confident }

A customized Reflection, Integration, Action Guide

{ so you can up-level your brand *and* mindset RIGHT NOW through thoughtful self-coaching exercises and reflection }

My #1 holistic Brand Positioning Strategy Secret for your brand archetype

 { so you can always find "true north" as you go forth and create amazing things!!!! }

Let's GET YOU to Soul Client magnetism, babe!!

Not theoretically.

Not "ideally."

Not "one day when you're ready."

RIGHT NOW. Because NOW is always the right time to take decisive action.

Only YOU can develop the brand that the world needs to see.

Only YOU can deliver the Sacred Work you are meant to create in this lifetime... that's why I teach that it is our sacred responsibility to build honest, authentic, MAGNETIC brands to reach those Soul Clients.

Here's what you need to do to get there TOday.

1. Take the 5-question Discovery Tool at the top of this page.

2. Purchase your Archetypal Alchemy Spell.

3. EXTRA CREDIT: Register here for a replay of the Brand Archetypes Masterclass for an action-packed hour of all things Brand Archetype.

. . . And you might also enjoy one of those 5 free clarity calls!


Questions? I’ve got answers!


What makes archetypal alignment so incredible?

Knowledge of your brand archetype is transformative because it aligns you to the ancient, ancestral narrative to which you are deeply, integrally connected. Archetypal Identity affirms that YOU are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be in this moment, in your brand, on this earth, by uncovering the most fundamental, juicy, delicious, and life-changing truths about how you embody your Sacred Work. Archetypal alignment is a process that demands both deep inner work and bold outer action: making it the perfect action to bring your intuitive feminine into alchemical partnership with your strategic masculine.

How does this tool work?

I have created this tool based on my knowledge of psychology-driven branding and years of expertise in coaching heart-centered women 1:1 to curate brands that consistently manifest their Dream Client. This quiz connects each of the four recognized primary human motivators to three gorgeous, heart-centered archetypes for a total of 12 identities. These four authentic human desires are the doorway to uncovering your unique Archetypal alignment. Through a total of five intuitive and strategic questions with intentionally crafted answers to match you with your exact identity, I dig deep to select which of the 12 archetypes your brand is in alignment with.

How do I know this quiz will align me with the archetype that truly embodies my sacred work?

The quiz is hand-crafted by yours truly from the Jade perspective, with every word chosen carefully to help clearly distill the meaning of each archetype. And because YOU are complex and beautiful and nuanced, this quiz is not a black-and-white, cookie-cutter style. Every answer is strategically weighted to ensure that you are guided toward the truly most accurate archetype in case two answers feel closely aligned for you. If you choose to say YES to the potentiality and magick of this archetypal alchemy, you will receive a PDF guide with everything you need to know about centering on your Archetypal Identity.

Where do these 12 archetypes come from? Are they connected to the Tarot?

These 12 powerful archetypes were developed by two pioneering female researchers in the early 90s. They combined their expertise in psychology, marketing, and brand management and collaboratively conducted an extensive research project across many relevant fields, including in anthropology and psychology. The researchers dove deep to study over 13,000 brands. What makes some brands such loved, integrated icons in our social fabric? They quickly discovered that brands built with integrity upon universal storytelling narratives literally were more monetarily valuable than brands that attempted to "attach" meaning to their products in manipulative and shallow ways to trick the consumer. Of course, this confirms what we already intuitively know as a heart-centered Creatrix collective: abundance flows to us when we are in alignment with our integrity and standing in our vocational essence.

How do I connect to and develop a relationship with my archetypal identity?

Because these archetypes are reflections of universal human storytelling patterns, you have total freedom to shape your archetype in a way that feels aligned with your vision and your integrity. These archetypes are fluid: so when you receive yours, I invite you to go digging for expressions of this narrative! Explore cinema, history, prominent feminists, and mythology. Building brand is about uncovering and sharing the sacred meaning that only you came to this planet, in this lifetime, to share.

How do I apply this knowledge to my brand?

I know you are ready to completely transform the way you relate to your business. You’re ready to embody the fullness, potentiality, and magic of your Sacred Work. Your’e ready to feel LIT-UP, confident, inspired, and in flow when it comes to promoting who you are and what your’e do. You’re ready to turn that inner Creatrix ALL THE WAY ON. At the conclusion of this quiz, you’ll be invited to take the next step toward receiving all the practical know-how you need to curate a brand that effortlessly attracts your Dream Client.